Rolling Word Play – 54

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Frustrating Matched Believer, Sake Credit Midmorning, and Faded Recruiters Forget.

Frustrating Matched Believer
Panegulis is a female acolyte who has the enthusiasm and application of a puppy.  There has never been a more adaptable but more incompetent being known to the planes.  She appears a wide-eyed Tiefling (pf demon ancestry) but could just as easily fit into a feywilds scene, with her wild hair and small horns.  She has believed wholeheartedly in a cause many times yet each time she joins a cult or follows a powerful persona, she invariably causes trouble.  Panegulis never means to cause irritation but her constant questioning and absent-mindedness means she cannot be trusted with even a simple task.  For those groups that have stuck with her and spent many agonizing weeks training her, she has the awesome ability to become the accidental pin to burst their balloon.  It’s as if she drains them of fortune and blocks the one crucial cog in the machine.
One famous occasion was when the large Cult of the Ascending, found that days before their ‘great journey into the void’ their numbers had dwindled dramatically and that the only mage who knew the last rites was also missing.  This failure was traced back to a fatal spelling error in the password to enter their hideout.  If pronounced as written, it transported the creature reading it into a plane full of gigantic carnivorous plants.  Panegulis was of course given scribe copying duties that day.

Sake Credit Midmorning
Midmorning in the city and a sudden drop of temperature was followed by reported thefts of gold and platinum coins right across town.  It seemed that wherever folk felt a chill, gold had disappeared; a curious incident that will repeat days later if not prevented by adventurers.
What is causing such strange thefts to occurs, and why is it preceded by cold winds?  One theory is that there has been a summoning of an air elemental or genie that is collecting these coins at the bidding of its masters.  An exotic market stall purchase and some big-spenders connect the incident to the genie and its masters.

Faded Recruiters Forget

An old God created and groomed a champion to fight for it but events in the godly realms conspired against them.  Now the champion has no orders and plenty of ambition.  In the guise of a paladin, Sir Gorenspir excelled in his training but has since been cut loose from his order as a wild and uncontrollable force.  Sir Gorenspir plans to use his charms and powers to take over the order that spurned him.  Once in charge, who knows what he could accomplish now he has no master.
A character and an adventure awaits.  Will the adventurers meet the inspiring Sir Gorenspir and be moved by his plans to put the ‘stuffy’ order of knights in their place?  Or will the adventurers be recruited by the order of knights to report on their former student and perhaps capture him so that he can no longer spout falsehoods and use his powers unwisely?

Rolling Word Play – 53

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Bloated Biologist Feature, Seafood Monumental Solidly, and Caveman Treatable Bundles.

Bloated Biologist Feature
The self-titled Majesty of Floral Kind, this obese being lives in a large greenhouse, which houses many, many varieties of plant-life.  So much so, that fey-folk have occasionally settled there.  His majestic-ness is fond of visitors but prefers they do not touch his precious items, unless they have something to bring.  He loves to collect more species and can bear to part with plants if they are not his particular favourite at the moment.  It is said that he has monopolized rare, exotic species and that he holds a treasure hoard somewhere on site, perhaps hidden in one of his underground cabins.  There is also another rumour, which happens to be true, that he is part-plant himself.  He is part-transformed Myconid (a mushroom-based humanoid) and also contains a carnivorous parasite that he feeds and keeps in check.  All in all, a fascinating creature but one not to get to close to!

Seafood Monumental Solidly
The Festival of the Bounty is declared when a large sea monster is washed up on shore.  When this rare moment occurs, the inhabitants of the nearby sea towns will do everything they can to keep the creature from returning to the depths.  So precious is the blubber and meat that the townships have agreed in advance to call impromptu festivals, which can usually last up to 2 weeks whilst a gargantuan squid can keep a festival going for twice that time.  Expect much carving of food, games to be played on the beaches and restaurants to do a roaring trade!

Caveman Treatable Bundles
One of the strangest foods around has to be the Caveman Buns.  They are a kind of doughy bread-like substance but made wholly from fungus that grows in wet caves lining particular coastlines.  The taste and texture of this green and white bun is somewhere between seaweed and potatoes but they allow the user to increase their sight as if they had dark vision up to 30 foot and keeps them from being poisoned by the alkali-heavy waters found underground.  There are occasional side-effects, if the stomach reacts badly to the new fungus.  Any player consuming it for the first time should make a DC12 Constitution save.  If they do not succeed they will need to make 3 rolls on a d6 die during the next 4 hours (at the GM’s discretion).  If any of those rolls is a 1, then they are violently sick and suffer one point of exhaustion.

Rolling Word Play – 52

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Revolts Focus Muffle, Wells Sesame Defend, and Disagrees Invested Stage.

Revolts Focus Muffle
A city on the edge of rebellion due to the trade taxes which are forcing many businesses to go elsewhere.  There is a roaring black market trade outside of the city walls are additional costs to increase guard duties both inside and out.  On the other side of the spectrum is a woman called Wenbinata who has been protesting about the greed and lack of vision of the current rulers.  Her power and influence is growing in terms of working class citizens joining her in protesting.

In such scenes, the governors must act.  The players will find themselves caught up in the political turmoil.  Will they be employed as additional guards or to do the dirty work for the governers and silence the Wenbinata? Perhaps they will side with the downtrodden people and force change through, or will they take advantage of the black market and risk mixing with criminals?

Wells Sesame Defend
Fort Dronis is an independent city in the dry hill lands.  It has rich neighbours and there are also marauding nomadic tribes that would love to conquer Dronis.  Fortunately, its riches are deeply rooted, for they grow sesame plants underneath the city floor and using a series of light shafts give the plants just enough light and energy to thrive.  This well system has enabled them to survive despite some long battles in the past.  However, rumour has it that a group has successfully tunnelled into the well system, avoid the natural rocky defences.

Will the players be in a position to support the people of Fort Dronis, or are they part of the raiding party, attempting to do what so many have failed at and lay siege to Fort Dronis?

Disagrees Invested Stage
The King’s birthday is being and there is a royal play due to take place in a few days.  It will have a very privileged audience including the king himself.  Internally, there has been some arguments regarding the final script. The one presented to the king was an ‘adaptation’ of the famous Horseback Heroes of Getin.  However, it seems that some in the acting troupe wish to adapt it further than others…

This is an opportunity in so many ways.  If actors fall ill, they will require stand-ins and this is where charismatic (or merely brave) players can help.  But which version of the script will be played out?  How ‘realist’ will the props be?

Rolling Word Play – 51

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Connected Notes Flicked, Appeals Bumper Pillow, and Passions Fruit Roadway.

Connected Notes Flicked
On the outside the incidents in question are separate.  A golum wreaking havoc in a school.  The death of a family in a nearby town.  And on further investigation, two students of the University of Magic have gone missing along with magical items they were working on.  For months the University of Magic has been continuing its internal lessons as well as its public services without admitting anything is wrong.  But the University won’t be able to keep it a secret for much longer.

The Wizard Orengary is a very careful operator.  He wanted to sever all ties to his foster family and to his childhood and start afresh.  Knowing that he forged his way into the University, an establishment that prides itself on having the finest students, his family continued to blackmail him for years until he finally snapped and used his position to set things in motion.  His previous identity would be erased from history and his ties to that family gone for good.  He took steps to hide the paper trail.  With a flick of the wrist, all evidence disappeared keeping people guessing but unable to prove his guilt.

If the players are involved in finding the cause of this disturbance, they will have to uncover the paper trail.  Where does his magic send it?   Is it in a pocket plane of his own creation, or is there a chest he can summon it to?  How many have died in his attempts to conceal his past?

Appeals Bumper Pillow
Little Seeding is a farming community with very little money and very odd customs.  There is a large barn in which sits a small box.  At night time, the first to bed opens the box and says the incantation.  Moments later, a ginormous pillow expands into existence and fills the room.  This pillow is so fluffy and large that it provides enough comfort and space for the entire village!  This is why there are so few barns.  The community shares one for lounging, one for cooking and eating,  and one for storing their grain and equipment and one for keeping their livestock warm.  For newcomers, it can be a strange sight, to see everyone snuggle on the pillow, both on top and inside with the feathers.  The origin of the pillow is a fey creature, or a witch or wizard.  Each person will give a different story and smirk knowingly as they tell it.

Passions Fruit Roadway
An old saying by people in some parts of the world is ‘never follow a fruit-tree road’.  It’s a strange thought, but sometimes there is a trace of a god or a magical conscience that looks for someone to be loved by or to play with.  The fruit tree is a more typical manifestation of that need.   The fruit trees contain ripe fruit that are both delicious and dangerous.  Once a creature eats from it, they will become more and more reckless and adventurous. They can often hear attractive noises too, such as encouraging voices and romantic music. The fruit-tree road will circle around rocks and corners out of sight, catching the light in an attractive way and almost calling out to the traveller.  Those that follow the road to see where it goes will take the ever-winding path onward and upward until they will come to a point at the top where there is only one way to go. The audio illusions become threatening at this point as if there is danger advancing from the road they have just travelled up.  If the adventurer takes the plunge they will very likely die plunging either into the depths of the magical energy or hitting the real ground far below.

Rolling Word Play – 50

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Agents Statistic Derivative, Grouping Grudges Divorce, and Motivating Tilts Elect.

Agents Statistic Derivative
The Hide & Seek Agents are an urban group working for the authorities in dealing with threats to peace and stability of society.  They are well trained both in combat and stealth.  What makes them unique, however, is how similar they are to each other.  This includes the way their walk and talk to their facial structure.  It is a strange but well-kept secret where they are hired from, or if they need to hire them at all.  Their skills make them excellent agents but their physical features mean they will never be able to infiltrate a gang without being viewed as highly suspicious.

Grouping Grudges Divorce
Perhaps the messiest divorce of all time is the marriage of Prince Onur and Princess Hadenza from the nearby Kingdom.  Upon marriage, they become King and Queen of the Prince’s Kingdom.  It was a marriage that was arranged with political and power stability in mind.  However, no sooner had Queen Hadenza moved in, she discovered that she did not get along with any of Onur’s family.  Her Mother-in-Law had prime place in his heart and within the palace.  Hadenza did not take kindly to having her Mother-in-Law in the next room and according to rumours abhorred Onur’s snoring.

Things escalated quickly.  She wanted to return to her own kingdom and Hadenza’s family were adamant that she shouldn’t be allowed to do this.  She managed to arrange some nobles to smuggle her out and escaped across the sea to safety.  Onur’s family accused her kingdom of kidnapping his wife and the kingdom’s went to war.

In the months that followed, there were temporary truces, including one which allowed her to build a second palace outside of the capital.  But when relationships broke down again, she used that as a fortress from which to launch attacks on the kingdom.  Although the rulers have changed, the war still goes on to this day.

For the adventurers, this is an area where picking sides can become very problematic.  Sing the praises of the wrong ruler and they will have many fights on their hands!

Motivating Tilts Elect
A new mayor is soon to be elected in the township of Venistas.  The votes are forecast to be closer than anticipated with the ex-guard, Juran gaining in popularity.  Giblil Teona, a veteran merchant of the city guild and very rich and influential was initially thought to be the runaway favourite.   This upturn for his opponent has somewhat perplexed and frustrated Giblil, who decides to respond with his classic move of taking action and doing something about it.  Guild guards are employed to put up the Teona banner throughout the city and town criers are paid to declare him as mayor even before the decision has been voted on.  More alarmingly, he has been blocking off ships owned by known supporters of Juran.  Civil War is brewing, and opportunists of all sorts are smelling gold in the air.

Will the adventurers be used to put an end to Teona’s tactics or will they be paid by his side to sabotage Juran’s operations.  If they attempt to keep the peace then they will need to be as diplomatic or intimidating as possible!

Rolling Word Play – 49

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Populations Lettuce Paragraphs, Arming Survived Move, and Sanitation Egging Taller.

Populations Lettuce Paragraphs
The ancient population of Semaran spread far and wide when the seeds of the wild were stifled from a particularly savage and brutal stretch of land.  The royal family encouraged their subjects to migrate and maintain these lands to stop them getting out of control ever again.  With this goal in mind, the King gave each group weaponry to arm themselves, a pot of berry ink and a quill with which to write and a single King’s Lettuce.  This may seem like a poultry gift, but the King’s Lettuce is a very sturdy plant.  It will survive without soil for up to 3 weeks and the leaves are strong enough when dried to be used as parchment.  The experiment worked.  The lands were tamed and the King received word from his very own subjects.

Will the player’s find the wilds growing out of control once more?  Or will they be bewildered as to why a theft of a lettuce is so meaningful to a village?

Arming Survived Move
Through Filogel Wastes is the only way to travel between two fertile and populous lands on either side.  The mountains that surround the wastes are both crumbly and jagged, and so only a bird would contemplate travelling over such a route.  The difficulty with the Filogel Wastes is that it preys on the minds and bodies of those that cross it.  The legends say that brutal magical wars were fought on these grounds and now powerful spirits seek vessels in which to ‘live’ again.
A civil war in the Eastern lands has made many people desperate enough to attempt the journey west on foot or on horseback.  Word through flying messengers has gotten through to the western lands.  Now, the city of Terussa in the West and the city of Valinrey to the East prepare for an undead army of all the fallen, desperate souls that tried to escape war.
If the players are caught in this, will they be trying to escape the war and travelling through the wastes, or will they try to defend the cities from the undead armies?

Sanitation Egging Taller
A way to be considered ‘cool’ and increase your standing in the young street gangs of Teruul is to ‘fly down the stench’; this refers to the sewers beneath the city.  The ‘stench’ as it is un-affectionately known, covers an area of 2 miles or 3.1km.  If the person who is daring or foolish enough to surf this brown wave times their entrance well they may be able to sail down to the river at the other end.  But there are many twists, grates to dodge and the occasional creature to avoid.  As parts of the sewers are open-air, it makes for quite an entertaining spectacle!  Any that survive will be respected by some and begrudgingly accepted by others.
Why might the players get involved in this?  Are they trying to infiltrate a gang for coin or are they attempting to discover the identity of their leaders and what they are up to?  Or perhaps they have been caught and the gang want them to die in an entertaining way?

Rolling Word Play – 48

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Today, it’s Sci-fi!  Discover more about Permitting Afternoon Someone, Blinked Enzymes Resold, and Microwaves Chickens Mounds.

Permitting Afternoon Someone
In the big city the ever-increasing use of technology and working from home gave one entrepreneur the idea to create Afternoon Tea with Someone.  This fashionable restaurant (that spawned a new culture of tea dates) takes bookings for individuals and pairs them up with other individuals, so each trip is a new social experience.  They say that many lonely souls grow a little after each trip.

What chance encounter might a player have in such a place?  Or could there be a murder or blackmail plot based around fixing the meeting between two people?

Blinked Enzymes Resold
In this futuristic world, enzymes are provided to clients seeking to lose weight fast.  It reacts with the digestive system, speeding up the breakdown of foods by up to 10 times.  There are also rogue sellers and one such enzyme manufacturer created enzymes that can hide their true intentions and look and act like any dietary aid.  When they blink back into their main programme however, they can mutate the host by unwinding the DNA coils and changing the information before copying them.

What is the rogue manufacturer’s intentions?  How severe are the mutations?

Microwaves Chickens Mounds
Habishabi is a land owner, but the land he owns has been severally polluted with waste, which is why he was able to buy it for next to nothing!  In the piles of debris and old produce, he has created a unique garden of his own.  Behind a wall of masonry and metal pots is a tranquil amphitheatre with potted plants and animals.  Sitting in the middle is a fountain made of bicycle parts, his living quarters is a shelter made of metal sheets and cupboards but is quite cosy inside.  At the other end of the amphitheatre is a large pile of carefully arranged microwaves inhabited by a colony of chickens.  Each microwave sits a little back from the one below and the ramps Habishabi installed allow the chickens to meander between each level all the way to the ground floor.

Habishabi is a very amenable sort, but he is also a man of trade.  He can mend, custom design and provide information.  In return, he often takes other items if he thinks they might come in handy.  A very useful guy to know.

Rolling Word Play – 47

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Rattle Swaps Fully, Lengthy Articulate Occurs, and Stone Paradise Smoked.

Rattle Swaps Fully
The Kimaran is one of the most feared shape changers known.  They start life as snakes with a large vibrating tale that rattles wherever it moves.  The legend goes that they are a god’s way of punishing idiocy.  Certainly, those who are foolish or unlucky enough to run into these loud serpents and are swallowed whole suffer a terrible fate. The creature that emerges from the digesting snake looks the same as the prey, but this is in fact the Kimaran.  The mind of the digested creature now inhabits a smaller version of the Kimaran’s body and must start its new life, looking for similarly slow or gullible victims.

Lengthy Articulate Occurs
The case of the Drip is one that holds the city in its grasp.  It started with one individual who seemed to hear the dripping sound clearly above all others.  But soon, more and more beings heard it, and slowly it drew them mad as at ever more frequent intervals they would absent-mindedly stop and call out the sound they heard: “drip, drip, drip”.

Can the players intervene and find the source of this cursed sound?  What does it portend, or is the device causing it already having the effect its designer wished?  If investigating, the players will need to make sure they themselves do not lose their minds.

Stone Paradise Smoked
The inside of a volcano isn’t the idea of many creatures’ paradise, but for the Lizard folk or Arlatla, it provides them with perfect slopes to soak in the sun’s rays and also the heat to keep warm in all seasons.  Situated between the dry plains and the moist jungle, the sacred volcano or Arn provides all this and more besides.  The lizard folk have installed several sheltered rooms under the active hill.  Each room also has warm air circulating through vents from the magma pools below, providing plenty of good heat.  They have created a large green house, which uses the moisture of the jungle and heat from Arn to grow their own foods.  The Red Hall is an area where only the elite are allowed.  This includes a doughnut-shaped enclosure with a warm pool in the middle, allowing the lizards to enjoy heat, light and water all day long.


Rolling Word Play – 46

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Resolve Transcript Proceeds, Glosses Gratitude Shimmered, and Prune Ogre Fluffy.

Resolve Transcript Proceeds
The Arch Fey Andruin has the ability create creatures by writing them into the world with his feathered quill and silky parchment.  Not just happy simply to create, he often writes a script for his subjects.  The latest episode has him unsure of what to do however, as some of his creations have encountered each other.  Should he side with the two-headed troll, the 9 foot dryad or the giant snake with the bear’s head?

If the players enter this scene, how will Andruin react?  Will his creations gang up on them?  He has been known to give his favoured creatures advantages, such as finding useful items or gaining extra muscles they didn’t have before.  Will he take a liking to the PCs, or erase them from his story?

Glosses Gratitude Shimmered
The source of all glamour comes from Eirlattan Falls.  It flows into an underground cave where each water droplet’s brief appearance is dazzling!  The water here is remarkably powerful and any Arch Fey that has fallen on hard times or any foolhardy and ambitious fey creature craves a visit to boost their powers of manipulation and influence.  However, the water also hides many dangerous and evil entities that are disguised by the glamour they wear.  Super-charged sprites, giant insects and other even greater dangers lurk in the caverns surrounding the Eirlattan Falls.

What reason might the players have to visit the falls?  Do they seek power, treasure, or are they helping to revive a fey who claims they will reward them?  Tread carefully, for many in the fey wilds cannot be trusted.

Prune Ogre Fluffy
Old Ravvak is a solitary creature who dwells in his hilltop cave.  With the winds the way they are, his hair is useful.  As he has aged, his hair became white until he began looking more and more like a yeti.  Unfortunately for Ravvak, a myth has developed that underneath all his hair, he has a tattoo of the map where he vanquished and buried his old foe, Gurlich the Fierce.  The myth goes that he hated but respected the eight-foot tall war boss, so buried him with all his possessions.  It is this last part that has spread through the towns and taverns nearby.

Will the adventurers attempt to shave Ravvak’s white fur in the hopes of uncovering the burial ground of Gurlich the Fierce?  Will Ravvak be communicative or uncooperative?  If they succeed, will the myth of the map be true, or just another far-fetched tail in the bardic song repertoire?

Rolling Word Play – 45

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated
words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Upwardly Nippy Charmingly Involvement,
Imported Sonic Budgeted Goodbye,
and Craved Unruly Westerner.

Upwardly Nippy
Charmingly Involvement
The rage in rich neighbourhoods of the city is to own a set of Pillar
Plants.  Placed on balconies, below
chimneys or on window sills they are ideal for getting rid of unwanted house
guests.  Not only flies but the criminal
fraternity will have their fingers bitten and if something brushes past their
upward openings they will produce a gooey substance that will stick to the
would-be visitor, who will be dealing with the smell and mess for days

Imported Sonic
Budgeted Goodbye
One of the cheapest spells to create for mages is the ‘Message’ spell, which is capable of delivering audible messages to
a particular person even if they are many miles away.  Certain arcane entrepreneurial spirits
thought of a way of creating a Blossom’s Message Pack.  ‘Send your loved one a thoughtful
greeting’.  It just requires them to open
the pack, attach a part of the creature they are sending in to – such as a hair
or the end of a finger nail – and speaking the 6 second message into the
box.  The idea quickly caught on and made
magic not only accessible to many people but affordable!  It was particularly popular for families of merchants
and those travelling into dangerous situations such as war or into piratical

Craved Unruly
Fortune of all sorts is craved by most folk, but one in particular seems to
collect and distribute it.  It is said
she is like a sorting machine for the currency of chance.  Although she goes by many names and many
faces, most of the time she frequents herself in the taverns and brothels of
the city, awaiting chance encounters to come to her.  Once she is found, the crowds gather and the
evening is never dull.  Is she a god or
does she just have a unique talent?  No
one knows for sure.

Only fools play her at cards and so she often changes her
face to make sure she gets her game before they can change their minds.  She very rarely deals with direct requests
preferring fortunes to be won or lost in a genuine way.  One such example is if an unfortunate man is
trampled to death by a horse in her sight, then two long lost brothers may
happen to meet moments later.  At the
same time, if two lovers meet for the first time then a cart driver may lose
his sight.  The world works in such ways
around her.

For what purpose might adventurers go looking for
her?  Or will a chance meeting mean she
gives them a banana peel of fortune?