Magical Core

April of 2022 saw the completion of Agora Core; the six-year rpg campaign that I ran with a group of friendly players. Magical Core is the concluding chapter. The party of six players went from Level 11 to Level 14 during this time so it is suitable for high to epic level groups.

In Magical Core, the world is at stake from a very ambitious and powerful monk called Ilistria. The core is a series of planar levels testing the player’s resolve. It relies on teamwork but also on sacrificing magical possessions in order to gain gifts to survive the core’s magical environment. It could be a way of concluding a home game, an exciting one-shot or an unexpected way of opening up a dungeon-crawl. Expect challenging encounters and a final level that could go in any direction!
Magical Core is available from the DMsGuild.

Crystal Spires Mine

My latest product has been tried and tested by my RPG group. The Crystal Spires Mine is a D&D 5e quest full of treasure, strange encounters and intrigue! The mining complex fulfills the local Baron’s material needs. Normally, outsiders are not welcome to just drop into the ‘industrious heart’ of his realm, but it seems there is one particular job that is so dangerous, he does not wish to risk losing any more of his employees

The experience of DMing this adventure went very well and because plot could be adapted to other scenarios, it seemed perfect candidate for a D&D module. I think the sentient mine cart was a particular favorite of the group!

It is available on Dungeon Masters Guild for $2.99. If you do play it, I’d love to know how you get on, what worked well and where you tweaked it.

Level 5 – Episode 2

The Wolf’s Head Regiment

The party are in search of an ancient gong that they hope will open a portal to the Fey Wilds.  Having already dispensed with their Hobgoblin guide each room is a mystery and delving deeper into the Hobgoblin stronghold of the Wolf’s Head Regiment reveals that everything is not quite as it seems.  Especially  when it comes to inventories…


Level 5 – Episode 1


After defeating Vijo – the magical servant of Graz’zt – the party has an uneasy rest ahead of them as they start to hear whispering voices in the Underdark.

A Lich expects them to deliver living beings to him, whilst their travelling companion Ntay wishes to find an ancient lake.  Will the party stay united or heed the voices?

Level 4 – Episode 13

Lardolas and the Lamia

The exciting finale of Series 4.  As the party track down Vijo, they become the hunted ones…

Future podcasts
The plan is to work on future podcasts in slower time and publish the audio only.  For more info, see online: or @Agoracore.