Rolling Word Play – 46

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Resolve Transcript Proceeds, Glosses Gratitude Shimmered, and Prune Ogre Fluffy.

Resolve Transcript Proceeds
The Arch Fey Andruin has the ability create creatures by writing them into the world with his feathered quill and silky parchment.  Not just happy simply to create, he often writes a script for his subjects.  The latest episode has him unsure of what to do however, as some of his creations have encountered each other.  Should he side with the two-headed troll, the 9 foot dryad or the giant snake with the bear’s head?

If the players enter this scene, how will Andruin react?  Will his creations gang up on them?  He has been known to give his favoured creatures advantages, such as finding useful items or gaining extra muscles they didn’t have before.  Will he take a liking to the PCs, or erase them from his story?

Glosses Gratitude Shimmered
The source of all glamour comes from Eirlattan Falls.  It flows into an underground cave where each water droplet’s brief appearance is dazzling!  The water here is remarkably powerful and any Arch Fey that has fallen on hard times or any foolhardy and ambitious fey creature craves a visit to boost their powers of manipulation and influence.  However, the water also hides many dangerous and evil entities that are disguised by the glamour they wear.  Super-charged sprites, giant insects and other even greater dangers lurk in the caverns surrounding the Eirlattan Falls.

What reason might the players have to visit the falls?  Do they seek power, treasure, or are they helping to revive a fey who claims they will reward them?  Tread carefully, for many in the fey wilds cannot be trusted.

Prune Ogre Fluffy
Old Ravvak is a solitary creature who dwells in his hilltop cave.  With the winds the way they are, his hair is useful.  As he has aged, his hair became white until he began looking more and more like a yeti.  Unfortunately for Ravvak, a myth has developed that underneath all his hair, he has a tattoo of the map where he vanquished and buried his old foe, Gurlich the Fierce.  The myth goes that he hated but respected the eight-foot tall war boss, so buried him with all his possessions.  It is this last part that has spread through the towns and taverns nearby.

Will the adventurers attempt to shave Ravvak’s white fur in the hopes of uncovering the burial ground of Gurlich the Fierce?  Will Ravvak be communicative or uncooperative?  If they succeed, will the myth of the map be true, or just another far-fetched tail in the bardic song repertoire?

Rolling Word Play – 43

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Homecoming Decent Elect, Leap Blubber Amuse and Firework Underworld Legends.

Homecoming Decent Elect
The Truth Seer of Almoth has been reported to be travelling to the city.  For lawful folk and incorrupt rulers this is very good news, for the Truth Seer has an irresistible power to get anyone to confess their crimes with minimal effort. Many are understandably not keen for his arrival, but at this moment, anyone making excuses to leave the area is immediately under suspicion.  Most criminals are keeping a very low profile already, hoping they’ll be forgotten for the duration of his stay.

There are many who would like to terminate the Truth Seer’s visit, but knowing word gets out, will be very happy to hire a travelling band of adventurers for such a task. There are also those who would seek to protect the Seer in the name of justice.  Which side will the adventurers end up on, and how many enemies will they make in the process?

Leap Blubber Amuse
Faeries and other fey creatures are generally undetectable and like to remain so in order to be mischievous out of sight, only appearing when it suits their interests.  But once a year the usually graceful lake sprites come out of the waters for the meadow harvest to devour the ripe and gleaming juicy berries. Most young sprites have no idea how to contain their appetite and devour the red berries until there is red streams oozing down their faces and arms.  As they finally return to the lake as the sun rises on a new day, many attempt to leap back into the lake but find that their usually ‘spritely’ bodies cannot support their plans.  Many waddle back into the waters in an ungainly way, whilst those who have really eaten too much can be heard moaning as a friend helps to roll them back into the waters.

Firework Underworld Legends
In the caverns and tunnels of the underworld, bright light and echoing noises are said to be the final actions of a living being.  But when in a bind, it has helped adventurers out of the jaws of a giant insect or to get away from a cave troll.  The most famous such instance was Felis the Halfing conjurer and his small band of companions.  In avoiding the desert overhead, they found themselves cut off from their path by an army of savage goblins.  Felis ignited his wand and sent several blasts towards the cavern ceiling.  There were so many bangs and bright lights that the goblins fell about trying to get away from the chaos.  Then one firework went off too close to the cavern roof, causing a massive cave-in.  The companions fled down the path and away.  But the story got out, and the large column of rubble is still known as the Felis Firework to this day.

Rolling Word Play – 40

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Wriggled Remembers Salvage, Slippery Dearly Muddle and Whisper Crafted Meatball.

Wriggled Remembers Salvage
Perhaps the strangest partnership in the known worlds if of Grelven and his wriggly, giant animal companion.  Grelven once rescued a giant purple worm as it was still growing from a mine cave-in. It had been abandoned by its mother, and grew attached to Grelven.  Since then, it has more than paid back the life debt it owed him.  They are inseparable and together they roam the plains and desert landscapes.  Their ability to dig up gold is unparalleled.

Slippery Dearly Muddle
A witch known of Geldred was once conned out of her finest potions when a knight said he would pay her handsomely for them.  He gave her fake coins however, worthless to anyone less naïve.  Furious, she gathered all the real gold coins she had and set a trap for the knight, planting the coins in various places in the forest and beside the bridal pathways.   She cursed each coin with a potent spell of her own, and was delighted when she spyed the knight picking one up and dying in the attempt.  The curse for the coins sends the creature that picks them up into the ground where a boggy, suffocating death awaits.  She decided to leave the other coins for others who might be as greedy and conniving as the knight was.

Whisper Crafted Meatball
Perhaps the most disturbing food on offer is the Whispering Meatballs of Mef. No-one but the chefs know how they are made or what they contain, but the original tale doesn’t inspire confidence.  Mef was a priest whose piety knew no bounds.  The story goes that he warned a greedy baron to share the crops of his land lest they go to waste.  When the baron continued to ignore his warnings, Mef confronted him and rather than imprisoning him or running him through, kept him alive as he crafted and skinned him into tiny pieces.  With these, he created a large pot of meatball stew, which he served to the villagers on the baron’s land.

Mef’s Whispering Meatballs are still served today in a few special locations. The meatballs seem to whisper incoherently as if talking with their last breath. Sometimes the diners swear they can hear what they are saying.  Are these creatures skinned alive by the cook, or a culinary trick using trapped air?  No-one knows for certain.

Rolling Word Play – 39

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Natives Renovating Blockages, Blackbird Colleague Apply and Swaps Resurfaced Speculative.

Natives Renovating Blockages
A Frogperson runs into the village seeking help from an unknown terror that lurks in the river.  It gets worse for the inhabitants of the village; upstream, the frogfolk have been decimated in recent wars with other tribes but also from a bestial threat that lurks in the waters.  They are unable to repair the vine walls that hold back the tide during the rainy seasons and these are about to begin.

A fun but dangerous adventure awaits.  One that would involve working with the Frogfolk, fighting a beast in flowing water whilst the rain lashes down from the sky.  What is the terror that the frogfolk are unable to identify or defeat?

Blackbird Colleague Apply
Not a person can forget the face of Evwin. The intelligence is keen, the sincerity good, the stature upright and yet for the citizens who saw Evwin, their brains could only compute ‘bird’.  And so it was that although he came from this kingdom, was raised in a village near here, he was considered an outsider. …This is where the story gets dark, for if they are unable to embrace Evwin as one of their own, he will turn against them.  Drow have not been seen on the surface for decades, but have already identified Evwin as not only intelligent but suitable spy material.  They have met a few times, and if unchecked, will lead the Drow to topple the rulers of the city.

Will the adventurers be able to read the signs of the upcoming war, and will Evwin be prevented from spilling any more intelligence to the Drow?

Swaps Resurfaced Speculative
Poor Dunfern.  This city has suffered much from shapeshifters and now secrecy and security are high.  There is talk that the shapeshifters have regrouped and are again plotting to take control of the office of power.  It got so bad last time that golums were bought at great expense to spot those who were disguised as another.  But automatons can only be looking in one place at a time and they can even be reprogrammed.  And so the office of power, headed by Chief Lioron is under high alert.

This is a perfect opportunity for adventurers to help prevent paranoia, or be the cause of it. Once checked by a golum to ensure they are not shapeshifting fiends, there will be shapeshifters to hunt and identities to protect.  Who will the shapeshifters be disguised as, and how far up the ladder of power have they got?  Or is the whole thing a lie; a scheme to instil fear and control over their subjects?

Rolling Word Play – 38

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Ringleader Vibrant Income, Negotiated Amended Hoaxes and Spaces Covenants Fences.

Ringleader Vibrant Income
The city of Ashent is a very complex hive of culture and squalor.  It contains more bards per square foot than any other city.  This means that a cheap evening’s entertainment is very easy to find, but that competition for gigs is fierce.  Many provide custom services on the side, including musical codes and signatures; there is a market for creating unique ditties on piccolos and recorders, but also enchanting items to play the tune at the owner’s request. This goes for all occupations including the seedier ones.  Entire roguish gangs operate using secret musical codes to avoid guards, signal which plan to use and to gain access to safehouses.  In the brothels it is said that the front of house will communicate prospective customers to the escorts as they walk by to gauge who will attempt a transaction.

Any adventurers in this neighbourhood will be sure to have a good time one way or the other. Will they cotton onto the musical tricks at play, or be caught with their pants down and lose their purses?

Negotiated Amended Hoaxes
A new art installation has arrived in the castle.  Incredible sculptures of exotic beasts, life-sized and made of fine materials such as jade, marble and glass. But one of the animals holds a secret: an enormous amount of gun powder that when triggered will blow the entire castle apart.  But the conspirators have lost heart in their rebellious scheme.  It appears they were overenthusiastic when dealing with dangerous criminals who refuse to back down.  Now there are not only guards to contend with, but rogues bent on hushing up anyone that attempts to spoil their plans.

The conspirators will be seeking help but are too afraid to turn to the authorities and reveal their dastardly plot.  The travelling adventurers are perfect for such a mission.  What were the conspirators hoping to achieve? What will the criminals attempt with such fire power? And what animal contains the explosives?

Spaces Covenants Fences
The farming community of Freedle is different from most rural dwellings.  The herbs grown are exotic, the drinks brewed are peculiar but refreshing.  Parties in the open fields often occur at night and cauldrons are allowed to simmer for much of the day.  This is because every household in Freedle is of witching stock.  Despite their reputations elsewhere, the community gets by fine and their proud shared heritage makes the community fiercely loyal to each other.  Wars come and go, but the village of Freedle goes on.  Sometimes they aid outsiders, but often they mind their own business, preferring the outside world to do the same for Freedle.

Are there any bad apples among the witches?  What brews, magical items or curses might adventurers pick up when passing through Freedle?

Rolling Word Play – 35

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Spaced Closely, Violinist Wiggling and Refused Issuing.

Spaced Closely
The temple of Ashin Rah is an ancient temple which is still used to practice religious ceremonies today. Ashin Rah was an almighty deity who gained her followers’ reverence by the mighty deeds she performed and the dreaded sacrifices she asked of her followers.  Although just outside city borders, the temple practices of today are tolerated because the god worship is Siellanna the Moon Goddess.  Unbeknownst to the city however, a cult of Ashin Rah has been steadily growing for some years now and their boldness for sacrifices is steadily increasing.  There are rumours that street children have gone missing. Can the adventurers help reveal the cult’s existence and stop the sacrifices from escalating?  What might deed might Ashin Rah be planning?  Little known Ashin Rah lore reveals that the sacrifices are left tied to the top of the pyramid and that creatures emerge from between the closely-spaced statues to take them to another plane.  Can those who have disappeared yet be saved?

Violinist Wiggling
A bard with fey ancestry is a dangerously mix of mischievous and magical.  This is definitely the case with Vezor Dirac, the half-tiefling half-nymph. It is said he was created at an almighty party and that mischief and music flow through his very veins.  He has played in several bands but his fellow band members and taverns cannot endure him for long.  His powers of control and manipulation of the audience include:

Rhythmic foot-tapping: DC 12 Wisdom saving throw Bum wiggling: DC 10 Charisma saving throw Wolf howls: DC 10 Constitution saving throw Partner twirling: DC 10 Charisma saving throw Singing the tune: (requires concentration): DC 10 Wisdom saving throw

Although, the difficulty to resist is not high, for each 5 members of the audience he has in his grasp, the spell DC for everyone increases by +2.  Evenings have finished with wild table-top dancing, fights, fires and many bruised limbs.

Refused Issuing
The city newspaper, The Daily Tribute is controlled by the crown.  The printing press is a very new invention and is controlled by royal craftsmen. It is used for propaganda to further establish the rule of the royal family and demean their enemies and rivals. So when another printed newspaper is released called The Bootstrap that contradicts the words of the Daily Tribute, this is seen as a very serious offense by those in charge.  The adventurers will be requested to root out the rebels, preferably alive.  Where did they acquire such equipment? Is there a ‘paper’ trail leading from the manufacturers?  What do the writers of The Bootstrap aim to achieve and where is their printing room?  The adventurers will have to ask themselves who they believe is in the wrong and if they care either way.

Rolling Word Play – 33

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Recollect Intolerant Vandalism, Creator Beginning Anymore and Chain Wrestle.

Recollect Intolerant Vandalism
The ashes of the Dwarven King Krasta the Great were scattered some 70 years ago by the Elven Prince, Velsor when they vase containing the ashes shattered.  Since he succeeded his father as King, the Dwarves have stopped trading with Velsor’s kingdom completely.  This rift between the two nations is stopping trade for both kingdoms and is threatening to turn into a full-blown war.

Was Velsor really to blame for this ‘terrible crime’ or was there another power at work that ensured the ashes were scattered?  Can peace be brokered between these kingdoms?

Creator Beginning Anymore
A large area called ‘The Divide’ is a growing phenomenon where both land and sea are swallowed up into a gaping hole into which nothing returns.  Many say the Gods forgot this land or that an argument between two deities has created a wilderness that has festered over time.  Can the adventurers stop the ever-growing Divide before an epic disaster ensues? Will the clues lead them to resolving the situation?  Will they perhaps get divine intervention of their own as a third God acts as their guide?

Chain Wrestle
Three criminals or fighters defeated in battle are brought to the mountain kingdom of the Dwarves to be punished.  The three criminals are bound together with long chains.  In the arena, the ground gives way leaving a deep ravine below, and just three circular platforms beneath these fighters’ feet joined by narrow pathways.  The criminals must fight but in doing so, they seal their own fate.  Only if one can hang on will their chains be cut, allowing the others to fall to their doom.

Rolling Word Play – 32

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Rewarded Glares, Blankly Gaps and Exacts Thumbs.

Rewarded Glares
The slumlike city of Beren is heavy with criminal fraternities; so much so that freelancing specialists offer their entrepreneurial services such as lock picking and explosives to many different gangs.  Every spring, there is a deadly but highly lucrative tournament for aspiring young criminals, which involves combat, traps and picking locks faster than the other competitors.  They find these contestants by roaming the streets looking for untried talent.  ‘The Jury’ are the seasoned criminals who not only judge the performance of the tournament’s contestants but walks the streets looking for the next batch.  Any boy or girl who is not yet in a fraternity is a potential target and can range from 12-18 years old.  If one of them stares back at a Jurer when they are walking by, this is ‘rewarded’ with automatic inclusion for the next tournament where they compete against other children and ambitious fraternity juniors.  Are your adventurers young enough to enter?  Will they be attempting to rescue or train one of the contestants before it is too late to save them?

Blankly Gaps
Edreda is a bustling city of over 200,000 citizens with a maze of street markets and is also home to the summer palaces of the monarchy.  There is always news with such a sprawling population and with the kingdom always contesting borders with its neighbours.  But recently odd things are being reported.  Thefts have been completely unexplained, including walking sticks which were being used at the time and food which had just literally been taken out of the oven.  Messages have even appeared on the street in flower petals, although no-one remembers seeing a street artist at work.

What is going on? Are these strange moments connected? How are the perpetrators doing this and who are they?  Will these instances escalate and will the instigators attempt more than petty crime? If the adventurers get involved, they will certainly have offers from wll-to-do citizens asking for their help. But they might also be at risk of being robbed themselves.

What is going on? Well, one theory is that a bored princess is stuck in the summer palace all day but has a time-stopping device, allowing her a few moments each day to express herself in the city.  Another theory is that a young sorcerer is flexing their magical muscle and seeing what they can get away with.  But it really is up to you.

Exacts Thumbs
Filius Athaston was a much maligned head of the Merchants Guild.  Was, because yesterday evening he was found dead at a merchant’s banquet.  The death happened suddenly and it is strongly suspected that the pie he was eating was poisoned.  His neighbour at the table heard him comment at the poor presentation of the dish and moments later he had collapsed.  Examining the pie, there was an opening at the top of a pie and a thumb print left on the pie’s crust.  There is definitely a need for assistance here, and respected adventurers would be welcomed into the Merchants Guild, which is often out of bounds to outsiders.

Who committed this crime?

Those who investigate will discover a criminal syndicate masquerading as chefs for the sole purpose of turning the trade tide in the favour of their patron.  Lord Avelan Brusquely has ties to pirates and his stock of spices was being undermined by Filius Athaston’s own supplies which were given priority when entering the port.  The adventurers can expect some tough fights and some interrogation tactics before uncovering the truth.

Rolling Word Play – 31

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping, Factored Landowner and Satisfy Feeling.

Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping
The snow shelves of Arenos are perfect platforms for the bird people to set up stalls to sell their wares.  At the height of winter, these stalls can stack on top of each other to over 50 high.  The largest are used to sell transport or are social spaces, while others sell meats, pelts and tools.  If your adventurers visit here, how will they get around?  What items, wise minds or criminals might lurk within the snow shelves?

Factored Landowner
The island of Ivinex has a very shrewd ruler known by many as the Purse Keeper.  He has a small school of Conjuration Wizards who have enchanted the land and its subjects in such a way that for any exchange of wares and money that takes place, the Purse Keeper gets his cut.  Within his grand palace there is a large warehouse and a treasury that is constantly being filled with his share of the transactions.  Many are tired of this but know that the Conjuration Wizards have them in a bind and will route out any illegal attempts to trade. There are adventures to be had here in the wild parts of the island as well as jobs for hire-swords in the towns, and with rewards (minus the Purse Keeper’s share).  There is also a chance to topple the ruler, if they dare.  Will the adventurers risk taking on the Conjuration Wizards?  Is there a way into the palace that avoids a full-scale battle?  What percentage of the transactions does the ruler get to keep?

Satisfy Feeling
The Swirling Pools oasis is an exotic, luxurious city state, where any business or land owner is rich thanks to the attraction of the naturally bubbling hot springs.  They have been lovingly carved into pools and every home that has been carved into the rocky cliffs is at a premium.  But be it the hot air or the rich power on display, something about Swirling Pools has an effect on those that visit there.  Any craving or desire they have is very hard not to act on.  While many are happy to relax, they can do for hours on end.  But for others, the seeds of jealousy, love, lust or addiction can germinate very quickly.  This is probably why the murder rate among inhabitants and tourists is so high and why the parties are so colourful!  If the adventurers go here, they will need to have their wits about them.  Otherwise it may be a case of what happens in Swirling Pools, stays in Swirling Pools!

Rolling Word Play – 29

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Slumped Hotels, Decades Trek and Duchess Cycling.

Slumped Hotels
The Culis is a hotel and tavern that sits over a wide chasm on the edge of the Maddening Wastes.  There is no bottom in sight; just the chilling blackness below.  And yet, the hotel attracts many visitors, particularly the brave and foolhardy adventuring types who are travelling into the unknown, and those who are looking to strike a bargain for strange artefacts.  Quirks of the Culis include weird dreams, odd tales and even stranger travellers.  The bar can only be reached by walking over single planks of wood and the rooms are often at odd angles and yet the building seems to hold together somehow.

Decades Trek
Moremir Dunes is a very long, thin bar of sand that stretches for tens if not hundreds of miles.  It is buffeted on either side by howling winds and unforgiving waves, so much so, that travelling by air and sea is futile.  Nobody knows the distance the dunes go on for, or if they are intact.  That is because very few make it all the way across and by the time they do, their news is already old.  Despite this, many do try to cross them and start a new life for themselves.  There is civilization on both sides, but no regular communication or trade because the distance is too great.  There are many tales as to the condition of the dunes, the safest places to bed down for the night and also what monsters to be weary of. What reason would adventurers have for crossing the Moremir Dunes?  Are they perhaps trying to escape something, or is there someone that needs rescuing, or capturing?

Duchess Cycling
The Rainbow Duchess wanted to stand out and be difference from her royal siblings.  The King and Queen of Osonbrok are well known, as is Cyralda’s argument with her father, the king.  She was banished from the royal palaces of the capital and sent to the provincial town of Brioson until such a time as she had redeemed herself.  Rather than meekly behave and be a respectable ruler of Brioson, she decided to rebel in her own way.  She discovered an arcane blacksmith in Brioson and persuaded him to create a one-of-its-kind bicycle.  At great expense and great ingenuity on the blacksmith’s part, the bicycle could create a rainbow trail on the ground as it ran.  It could even fly temporarily.  Delighted with this, Cyralda had a basket installed and started giving out sweets to the bewildered but delighted residents of Brioson.  She soon got her nickname The Rainbow Duchess and is yet to return to the capital.