Do you want some assistance with running your game? Here are some of the products I’ve created to make life easier when running campaigns and one-shots including for my campaign Agora Core. I’ve split these into GM Tools (items designed to make running games smoother and quicker) and Quests (ready-to-play adventures). If you have something in mind that you’d like to use but cannot see it in the products, below, let me know. I’m always happy to create new products that will help my fellow gamers!

ImageGM Tools
Fantastical Ideas for Curious Items
In this pack, you will find sixty Curious, odd and magical Items, each with a its own quest idea.
$4.99 from DrivethruRPG
Rural EncountersFantastical Ideas for Rural Encounters
This book contains sixty different Rural-themed ideas that can be added to any story-based scenario.
$3.99 on DrivethruRPG
Urban EncountersFantastical Ideas for Urban Encounters
This book contains sixty different Urban-themed ideas that can be added to any story-based scenario.
$3.99 on DrivethruRPG
A simple RPG system that is story-focussed and can work with any theme.
Pay What You Want from DrivethruRPG
Boxes of the Magi
Over 370 magical boxes, each containing a unique D&D creature and the effects stored within!
$4.99 from the DM Guild
Creating Unique Magical Items
A collection of tables that allows the Dungeon Master and players to roll for strange, quirky or highly useful items.
Pay What You Want from the DM Guild
Diabolical Six Pack
In this pack, you will find six fiendish characters based on creatures from the D&D 5th edition books.
$3.99 from the DM Guild
Customizable Drinks Menu
Create varied and mysterious drinks to provide a local flavour but could also affect the players as well as the weight of their purse.
Pay What You Want from the DM Guild
The Magic of Nature
Included in this tome are 50 magical botanicals. These are potent enough, but if mixed correctly with other ingredients, their magical properties can create up to 35 different potions or floral amulets.
$4.99 from DrivethruRPG
NPC Builder
This provides NPCs with a unique set of skills that are easy for the DM to manage and will make combat less predictable for players.
Pay What You Want from the DM Guild
Sub-Aquatic Six Pack
In this pack, you will find six aquatic characters inspired and created for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.
$3.99 from the DM Guild

Low-Elves CoverLow-Elves: A Festive Tale
Two Low-Elves are desperately looking for adventurers to help fulfill their father’s dying wish; to bring the family together again for the Winter Festival.
$3.99 from the DM Guild
Stag Party
Wanted! Experienced adventurer-types to give the man of the hour an unforgettable, life-enhancing experience!
$9.98 from the DM Guild
Journey Into Twilight CoverJourney Into Twilight
A magical adventure suitable for low-level player characters and children starting out on their D&D journeys.
$3.97 from the DM Guild
Crystal Spires Mine
Normally, outsiders are not welcome to just drop into the ‘industrious heart’ of the Baron, but it seems there is one particular job that is so dangerous, he does not wish to risk losing any more of his employees.
$3.49 from the DM Guild
Camp Fire Tales
20 different scenarios for adventures that begin once the party settle down in the wilderness and set up camp. Each scenario is designed for low-level (1-4), mid-level (5-9) and high-level (10+) with many providing unique twists!
$3.99 from the DM Guild
The Egg Hunt
An Easter-themed adventure with plenty of surprises in store!
$1.95 from the DM Guild
The Tower of the Silken Brotherhood
The objective of this quest is to claim a magical staff belonging to a powerful mage.
$3.99 from the DM Guild
The Trials of Sir Surlamund
A journey into the mind of a renowned paladin to try and bring him back from the brink of death.
$2.99 from the DM Guild