Rolling Word Play – 50

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Agents Statistic Derivative, Grouping Grudges Divorce, and Motivating Tilts Elect.

Agents Statistic Derivative
The Hide & Seek Agents are an urban group working for the authorities in dealing with threats to peace and stability of society.  They are well trained both in combat and stealth.  What makes them unique, however, is how similar they are to each other.  This includes the way their walk and talk to their facial structure.  It is a strange but well-kept secret where they are hired from, or if they need to hire them at all.  Their skills make them excellent agents but their physical features mean they will never be able to infiltrate a gang without being viewed as highly suspicious.

Grouping Grudges Divorce
Perhaps the messiest divorce of all time is the marriage of Prince Onur and Princess Hadenza from the nearby Kingdom.  Upon marriage, they become King and Queen of the Prince’s Kingdom.  It was a marriage that was arranged with political and power stability in mind.  However, no sooner had Queen Hadenza moved in, she discovered that she did not get along with any of Onur’s family.  Her Mother-in-Law had prime place in his heart and within the palace.  Hadenza did not take kindly to having her Mother-in-Law in the next room and according to rumours abhorred Onur’s snoring.

Things escalated quickly.  She wanted to return to her own kingdom and Hadenza’s family were adamant that she shouldn’t be allowed to do this.  She managed to arrange some nobles to smuggle her out and escaped across the sea to safety.  Onur’s family accused her kingdom of kidnapping his wife and the kingdom’s went to war.

In the months that followed, there were temporary truces, including one which allowed her to build a second palace outside of the capital.  But when relationships broke down again, she used that as a fortress from which to launch attacks on the kingdom.  Although the rulers have changed, the war still goes on to this day.

For the adventurers, this is an area where picking sides can become very problematic.  Sing the praises of the wrong ruler and they will have many fights on their hands!

Motivating Tilts Elect
A new mayor is soon to be elected in the township of Venistas.  The votes are forecast to be closer than anticipated with the ex-guard, Juran gaining in popularity.  Giblil Teona, a veteran merchant of the city guild and very rich and influential was initially thought to be the runaway favourite.   This upturn for his opponent has somewhat perplexed and frustrated Giblil, who decides to respond with his classic move of taking action and doing something about it.  Guild guards are employed to put up the Teona banner throughout the city and town criers are paid to declare him as mayor even before the decision has been voted on.  More alarmingly, he has been blocking off ships owned by known supporters of Juran.  Civil War is brewing, and opportunists of all sorts are smelling gold in the air.

Will the adventurers be used to put an end to Teona’s tactics or will they be paid by his side to sabotage Juran’s operations.  If they attempt to keep the peace then they will need to be as diplomatic or intimidating as possible!

Rolling Word Play – 47

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Rattle Swaps Fully, Lengthy Articulate Occurs, and Stone Paradise Smoked.

Rattle Swaps Fully
The Kimaran is one of the most feared shape changers known.  They start life as snakes with a large vibrating tale that rattles wherever it moves.  The legend goes that they are a god’s way of punishing idiocy.  Certainly, those who are foolish or unlucky enough to run into these loud serpents and are swallowed whole suffer a terrible fate. The creature that emerges from the digesting snake looks the same as the prey, but this is in fact the Kimaran.  The mind of the digested creature now inhabits a smaller version of the Kimaran’s body and must start its new life, looking for similarly slow or gullible victims.

Lengthy Articulate Occurs
The case of the Drip is one that holds the city in its grasp.  It started with one individual who seemed to hear the dripping sound clearly above all others.  But soon, more and more beings heard it, and slowly it drew them mad as at ever more frequent intervals they would absent-mindedly stop and call out the sound they heard: “drip, drip, drip”.

Can the players intervene and find the source of this cursed sound?  What does it portend, or is the device causing it already having the effect its designer wished?  If investigating, the players will need to make sure they themselves do not lose their minds.

Stone Paradise Smoked
The inside of a volcano isn’t the idea of many creatures’ paradise, but for the Lizard folk or Arlatla, it provides them with perfect slopes to soak in the sun’s rays and also the heat to keep warm in all seasons.  Situated between the dry plains and the moist jungle, the sacred volcano or Arn provides all this and more besides.  The lizard folk have installed several sheltered rooms under the active hill.  Each room also has warm air circulating through vents from the magma pools below, providing plenty of good heat.  They have created a large green house, which uses the moisture of the jungle and heat from Arn to grow their own foods.  The Red Hall is an area where only the elite are allowed.  This includes a doughnut-shaped enclosure with a warm pool in the middle, allowing the lizards to enjoy heat, light and water all day long.


Rolling Word Play – 46

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Resolve Transcript Proceeds, Glosses Gratitude Shimmered, and Prune Ogre Fluffy.

Resolve Transcript Proceeds
The Arch Fey Andruin has the ability create creatures by writing them into the world with his feathered quill and silky parchment.  Not just happy simply to create, he often writes a script for his subjects.  The latest episode has him unsure of what to do however, as some of his creations have encountered each other.  Should he side with the two-headed troll, the 9 foot dryad or the giant snake with the bear’s head?

If the players enter this scene, how will Andruin react?  Will his creations gang up on them?  He has been known to give his favoured creatures advantages, such as finding useful items or gaining extra muscles they didn’t have before.  Will he take a liking to the PCs, or erase them from his story?

Glosses Gratitude Shimmered
The source of all glamour comes from Eirlattan Falls.  It flows into an underground cave where each water droplet’s brief appearance is dazzling!  The water here is remarkably powerful and any Arch Fey that has fallen on hard times or any foolhardy and ambitious fey creature craves a visit to boost their powers of manipulation and influence.  However, the water also hides many dangerous and evil entities that are disguised by the glamour they wear.  Super-charged sprites, giant insects and other even greater dangers lurk in the caverns surrounding the Eirlattan Falls.

What reason might the players have to visit the falls?  Do they seek power, treasure, or are they helping to revive a fey who claims they will reward them?  Tread carefully, for many in the fey wilds cannot be trusted.

Prune Ogre Fluffy
Old Ravvak is a solitary creature who dwells in his hilltop cave.  With the winds the way they are, his hair is useful.  As he has aged, his hair became white until he began looking more and more like a yeti.  Unfortunately for Ravvak, a myth has developed that underneath all his hair, he has a tattoo of the map where he vanquished and buried his old foe, Gurlich the Fierce.  The myth goes that he hated but respected the eight-foot tall war boss, so buried him with all his possessions.  It is this last part that has spread through the towns and taverns nearby.

Will the adventurers attempt to shave Ravvak’s white fur in the hopes of uncovering the burial ground of Gurlich the Fierce?  Will Ravvak be communicative or uncooperative?  If they succeed, will the myth of the map be true, or just another far-fetched tail in the bardic song repertoire?

Rolling Word Play – 14

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Filed Cliff, Confessed Limp and Unlocked Accusation.

Filed Cliff
This adventure begins out of a town when a dying man whispers the word ‘cliff’ to the party of adventurers. Enquiries lead to more questions than answers… To the watch of the town, a Cliff refers to a dead end; an unresolved crime which they could chuck resources at forever at still not solve.  There is also Posthumous Cliff; a physical cliff-face notoriously known as the last stop those that want to forget.  There is also a famous bard known as Cliff Tabard who disappeared many years ago. Where will the trail lead?  What happened to the dying man, and why did he utter that word?

Confessed Limp
An ancient swampland contains miniature magical elements or creatures that dwell in the moist air.  They attack and feed off those with a guilty conscience, so that the traveller literally feels the weight of the world in their leg.  They limp on, their movement impaired by this additional weight.  Until they atone in some way or die, thus starving the elements/creatures feeding of this guilt, their limp will continue.

Unlocked Accusation
The treasured lock of hair belonging to a powerful sorceress has been stolen.  But for what purpose?  The full green moon is approaching its fullest point in 3 days’ time.  Is trouble of a magical kind brewing?