Rolling Word Play – 52

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Revolts Focus Muffle, Wells Sesame Defend, and Disagrees Invested Stage.

Revolts Focus Muffle
A city on the edge of rebellion due to the trade taxes which are forcing many businesses to go elsewhere.  There is a roaring black market trade outside of the city walls are additional costs to increase guard duties both inside and out.  On the other side of the spectrum is a woman called Wenbinata who has been protesting about the greed and lack of vision of the current rulers.  Her power and influence is growing in terms of working class citizens joining her in protesting.

In such scenes, the governors must act.  The players will find themselves caught up in the political turmoil.  Will they be employed as additional guards or to do the dirty work for the governers and silence the Wenbinata? Perhaps they will side with the downtrodden people and force change through, or will they take advantage of the black market and risk mixing with criminals?

Wells Sesame Defend
Fort Dronis is an independent city in the dry hill lands.  It has rich neighbours and there are also marauding nomadic tribes that would love to conquer Dronis.  Fortunately, its riches are deeply rooted, for they grow sesame plants underneath the city floor and using a series of light shafts give the plants just enough light and energy to thrive.  This well system has enabled them to survive despite some long battles in the past.  However, rumour has it that a group has successfully tunnelled into the well system, avoid the natural rocky defences.

Will the players be in a position to support the people of Fort Dronis, or are they part of the raiding party, attempting to do what so many have failed at and lay siege to Fort Dronis?

Disagrees Invested Stage
The King’s birthday is being and there is a royal play due to take place in a few days.  It will have a very privileged audience including the king himself.  Internally, there has been some arguments regarding the final script. The one presented to the king was an ‘adaptation’ of the famous Horseback Heroes of Getin.  However, it seems that some in the acting troupe wish to adapt it further than others…

This is an opportunity in so many ways.  If actors fall ill, they will require stand-ins and this is where charismatic (or merely brave) players can help.  But which version of the script will be played out?  How ‘realist’ will the props be?