Rolling Word Play – 45

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated
words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Upwardly Nippy Charmingly Involvement,
Imported Sonic Budgeted Goodbye,
and Craved Unruly Westerner.

Upwardly Nippy
Charmingly Involvement
The rage in rich neighbourhoods of the city is to own a set of Pillar
Plants.  Placed on balconies, below
chimneys or on window sills they are ideal for getting rid of unwanted house
guests.  Not only flies but the criminal
fraternity will have their fingers bitten and if something brushes past their
upward openings they will produce a gooey substance that will stick to the
would-be visitor, who will be dealing with the smell and mess for days

Imported Sonic
Budgeted Goodbye
One of the cheapest spells to create for mages is the ‘Message’ spell, which is capable of delivering audible messages to
a particular person even if they are many miles away.  Certain arcane entrepreneurial spirits
thought of a way of creating a Blossom’s Message Pack.  ‘Send your loved one a thoughtful
greeting’.  It just requires them to open
the pack, attach a part of the creature they are sending in to – such as a hair
or the end of a finger nail – and speaking the 6 second message into the
box.  The idea quickly caught on and made
magic not only accessible to many people but affordable!  It was particularly popular for families of merchants
and those travelling into dangerous situations such as war or into piratical

Craved Unruly
Fortune of all sorts is craved by most folk, but one in particular seems to
collect and distribute it.  It is said
she is like a sorting machine for the currency of chance.  Although she goes by many names and many
faces, most of the time she frequents herself in the taverns and brothels of
the city, awaiting chance encounters to come to her.  Once she is found, the crowds gather and the
evening is never dull.  Is she a god or
does she just have a unique talent?  No
one knows for sure.

Only fools play her at cards and so she often changes her
face to make sure she gets her game before they can change their minds.  She very rarely deals with direct requests
preferring fortunes to be won or lost in a genuine way.  One such example is if an unfortunate man is
trampled to death by a horse in her sight, then two long lost brothers may
happen to meet moments later.  At the
same time, if two lovers meet for the first time then a cart driver may lose
his sight.  The world works in such ways
around her.

For what purpose might adventurers go looking for
her?  Or will a chance meeting mean she
gives them a banana peel of fortune?

Rolling Word Play – 44

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Poems Hospitality Safety, Showing Committed Dating, and Prevented Intrigued Resurfaced.

Poems Hospitality Safety
The Cirono Monks are specialists when it comes to creating wards and passwords to access areas such as rooms.  These are normally used to prevent animals and greedy creatures from entering a sacred space but word started getting out that the monks could provide this service for donations to the upkeep of their abbeys. Under the stewardship of Bishop Taliso and then Bishop Frigi, creating protective wards and passwords became a lucrative business venture for the Cirono Monks and clients were encouraged to pay higher sums for their time and expertise.

By the time the adventurers have heard of the monks, they are approached by a client who is keen to get their hands on the riches gained by the Cirono Monks.  Such a mission would not be easy however, as their magics will have blocked the known passageways.  How will the party consider approaching this treasure raid?

Showing Committed Dating
Prince Ordin is the second in line to the throne of his kingdom.  He is powerful but does not have the same responsibilities as his older brother.  Still a bachelor at the age of 30, his father is tired of his son’s ‘casual’ dalliances and lack of commitment.  He has decreed that the prince must get married by the year’s end, and that anyone who can manage to tolerate him long enough to go on five dates over five consecutive days will have earned his son’s hand in marriage.

Is there one among the adventuring party who would want to try to gain this young man’s hand? His many irritabilities include getting bored easily, going to the boar races, spending time in the brothel houses of the poor part of town and storming the stage at plays.  He is like a moth in front of many bright lights, but a moth that is very rich.

Prevented Intrigued Resurfaced
The rocky dwarven kingdom of Trolwind was built on solid foundations, in a gorge and out of the direct sunlight and wind blasts above.  There were difficulties in the beginning with rat men and goblins gaining access through tunnels, but these were blocked off and the area cleansed and maintained.  Much later, after a long period of peace and relative prosperity, the rulers grew lethargic and the rules and regulations the kingdom was built on were carried out less often and in some cases, not at all.  The rat folk have again burrowed into the warm, sheltered tunnels of Trolwind…

There is scope here for the adventurers to either discover the rat folk’s expansion into Trolwind tunnels or be called in to exterminate the problem.  How savvy are these rat folk and has anything else burrowed in with them?

Rolling Word Play – 42

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Lotion Reserving Flustered, Tasted Proclaimed Titles and Cork Jots Padlock.

Lotion Reserving Flustered
Dr. Losu’s Ointment had been a staple of good health in the city for three generations.  The grandson of the original Dr. Losu is called Pejo and he’s getting on in years.  He has between 5-10 regular customers, which is just enough to get by and continue renting the shop in a quiet street near to the main square.  Then suddenly, more and more people began asking for Dr. Losu’s Ointment.  Crowds gathered forming disorderly queues.  The surprised Pejo found himself going back and forth to the store cupboard for more supplies.  On the third day of this happening, he had to hire muscle to stand by the door after one unruly youth broke a window and stole three bottles for himself.

What rumour has gotten out?  Is the Ointment a clue to uncovering treasure, or was it discovered that an idolised celebrity was seen using it?  Another possible scenario for adventurers is if the Ointment is being used to smuggle illegal substances or treasure.  Once this rumour got out, everyone who heard wanted their chance at claiming the riches for themselves.

Tasted Proclaimed Titles
The most famous food taster belongs to King Spora.  This finely dressed dwarf known as The Right Honorable Vonis is said to be immune to poisons but has tastebuds so sensitive that he can detect any trace of strange substances including the amount of spices and herbs used in a dish.  So far he successfully caught five attempts to poison the king, and even discovered that his wife had been trying to give him a potency potion, for some reason.

The king continues to divide his subjects into liking or hating him, and the adventurers may be called in for two potential scenarios.  The first is to bribe the dwarven superstar on behalf of a gang and failing that, keep him out of the picture long enough to poison the king. In the second scenario, the king has already died, and Vonis claims to be aghast that such a delicate potion could be undetectable.  Who is capable of producing such a potion, or was Vonis bribed?

Corks Jots Padlock
Lisithias Corks is a notorious pest catcher.  He has been known to catch rats, cats, even owls and cockerels if their noises disturb him. He gets a basic pay from the city, but many think he derives most of his pleasure from locking away these undesirables. No one pays him much notice and prefers him to keep to himself, which seems to work best for all parties.

The adventurers will start to see a few notices up about a missing street urchin know as Caper. They’ll also be a few willing to talk about a sweet little kid called Jeren who would get free soup from the back of the Rumbles restaurant. Enquiries will lead the adventurers to speak to Lisithias, to see what he knows.  The question is, where does he keep his catches? The answer is in a hidden basement, only accessible through a portal.  He keeps a golden padlock with him which is used to whisk animals and street children alike into the dungeon dimension.  Luckily, if they get their hands on Lisithias’ padlock, they will see a word etched onto it.  This is the word used to open the portal.  If they go through however, they will need to make sure someone remains who can let them out again!

Rolling Word Play – 28

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Rehearsed Speared Flow, Potentially Reforms and Bond Dainty

Rehearsed Speared Flow
There is a weapon technique used by some humanoid tribes (including humans, frog-people and lizardfolk) where in battle they will mark their spears in such a way that when thrown, it makes a shrill, whistling sound.  In large combat scenarios it can stop an advancing army in their tracks and if effectively used with fire effects can even force their enemies to make a hasty retreat.

Potentially Reforms
In this adventuring scenario, a Jousting tournament is taking place with the winner destined to become a new knight at the king’s table.  Not just anyone can enter however; there is a hefty entrance fee and the contestant must be a subject of the kingdom.  There are some opposing political views shared among the paladins and fighters there that day and it is said that the king has a favoured knight who would be a comfortable fit at his table.  Expect action and some foul play.  What will the players do?  Will they fib their way into the competition by replacing another contestant or forging their documents?  Will they back another fighter to win the jousting?  Is the king a good ruler or would change be better for the kingdom?

Bond Dainty
The Bond Dainty is a thing of legend but someone always knows someone who either used it or a shopkeeper who dealt with it.  Possibly a fey contraption, it is a bond to spend money in one go, and is usually worth a lot of gold.  It can turn up in the middle of the street or in a pile of documents but one thing is for certain – it will disappear before long!  Whoever finds it often has the wide-eyed look of someone about to have a panic attack as they decide how best to use the bond before it disappears. Many have failed to act, but for those that do, they have made shopkeepers and merchants rich as gold appears once the bond is passed over in exchange for their entire stock or even their ship.

Rolling Word Play – 26

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Duties Blunders, Tubes Elevations and Resounding Babysitter

Duties Blunders
Cantra the Mellow is a god of few, but those who do follow him are devout believers in taking life at a slow pace. The adventure happens because Alfan, a worshipper of Cantra, is subscribed into the army and starts making clumsy mistakes and potentially disastrous blunders.  The ‘vibe’ spreads and soon everyone in his unit has caught this strange illness of calamities.  The army doesn’t understand the cause for their disastrous performances but have demoted its captain and kept the unit isolated away from the rest of the troops. The adventurers will be brought in thanks to their past accomplishments to guide this group of misfiring soldiers.  Can they lead the troops through their missions without losing more soldiers?  What will the missions be?  Will the adventurers catch this ‘illness’?  What will appease the god Cantra?

Tubes Elevations
Gigantic tubes have been lying on the edge of a city for as long as anyone can remember.  This area known as the ‘Tubes’ is believed to be a deathbed of giant worms, which over time has become a curving mound covered in light-green vegetation and with good views over the city.  In recent times, poorer communities have built a slum on top of this ‘land’.  There have been pleas by these communities for the watch to make their presence felt, but being a rough, poor area, the watch aren’t ‘able’ to assist, saying its beyond their jurisdiction. The adventurers are called in by a member of the poor community.  The problems lie with creatures of decay, which come out at night to feed on the city life.  What are these creatures of decay?  Will the Tubes slums be able to prosper or is more a steak than a city neighbourhood?

Resounding Babysitter
The Rakaldra is a kind, very large, many armed and lactating being.  She has the affection of a mother and the giving liquids of a cow.  She baby sits for different creatures and in return receives their blessings.  She is slowly rising to a god-like status and is now able to bless others from afar. Will the adventurers help her become a deity?  If she continues her rise, will she become a good god or is she plotting something else?