Non-Player Character Profile


Location: The desert city of Arlatla
Race: Lizard Folk
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 9, Red Hall Part 4 & 5
Appearance:  Grinx appears smartly dressed, and has a study of his own as well as servants to attend him.

Personality: None of the party are familiar with lizard folk, but Grinx appears to be honest, if a little impatient.  His is discreet, and not above breaking rules if it suits him.

Background: Little is known about Grinx.  He has risen to a high rank in the Artlatla guard, but he has not elevated himself enough to have entered the Red Hall.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  He negotiated with the party to give them entrance into the Red Hall and provided them with a map.  In return he insisted on payment and an item as a deposit.  He bargained hard, but also believed Leigheas’ ruse that the ‘Erol Flinn’ armour was worth as much as a ship.

When the party returned from the Red Hall he sent his servant to aid their escape.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low.  They may return to Arlatla at some point but it is unlikely that Grinx will want anything to do with these wanted killers now that their agreement is settled.

Character Portraits used:
60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’

Non-Player Character Profile


Location: Travelling Merchant
Race: Human
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 6-9
Appearance:  Scruffy with unkempt hair and a caravan

Personality: A smile is always present and civility close at hand, but there is a shrewd businessman underneath.

Background: Diafre is a merchant from a line of merchants.  He carries out his business with many family members accompanying him in the caravan, including his son.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  The party encountered Diafre on the way to Arlatla.  He had abandoned the trip there because a monster; a gibbering mouther was camping further along, but he made a deal with the party to get them connected in Arlatla if they could deal with the monster.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:
 High.  Diafre is looking after the horses and they will want to visit him before they return to the old road across the Da.

Character Portraits used:
60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Llanrol
Race: Wood Elf
Location: The Da Desert, above Mid-Nis
Episodes: Series 2, episode 1
Appearance:  Thin, serious, orderly but with dirty, outdoor garments.

Personality: Studious and generally open to others who do not act aggressively.

Background: From the Eastern Glade, near the town of Mid-Nis, Llanrol trained in Vatet as an archaeologist  specialising in the arcane and ancient elven races of Chandanis.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  Llanrol met the party as they were heading to a newly-uncovered site in the Da.  He provided information as a curtesy and hoped that the party would share any findings with him.  They have not looked him up.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low.  Llanrol continues to research the ancient civilisations of the land and hunts forartifacts but will not travel far from the Eastern Glade.

Character Portraits used:  60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Hayyaes
Race: Lich
Location: The Da Desert
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 3, 4
Appearance:  Terrifying, ancient and decaying, this character is unforgettable.

Personality: Demanding, persistant but relatively calm

Background: The party encountered the lich in his lair underneath the Da sands.  His story goes far beyond the lifetime of most mortals. The party discover more in later series.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  He awoke ‘ahead of time’ after the party had entered his central room and a trench had filled with a firey stream. Orix would have been consumed by the lich if Nomo hadn’t broken an orb containing his essence.  The lich then employed the party believing their presence to be fated and they voluntarily drank the red crystals requested by Hayyaes.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  High. The party have a mission to carry out and are expecting to be rewarded.

Character Portraits used:  Mudokonabe (Series 4 onwards)

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Dais
Race: Human
Location: The Garden Feast pub in the town of Feaston
Episodes: Series 2, episode 1

Appearance:  Weather-worn from working in the gardens and slightly overweight.

Personality: Very agreeable and an excellent hostess.

Background: Dais runs the pub with a group of other farmhands.  Her business skills and charisma means that she operates the place and in turn supports the other farms.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  Dais welcomed Leigheas as a known customer and they shared a belief and reverence of the God, Pelor.  For his good will she provided the cleric and his companions free drinks.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Moderate. If they are in the area they know they can find a good welcome there.

Character Portraits used: 60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’

DM Notes #7

Meet the Players

Ralph plays Ikki.
He is an intelligent and seasoned D&D player who fancied trying something different when he chose to be Ikki, a young, adventurous bird woman.

Finn plays Orix.
He is the son of Terry.  He likes to try things in the game to see what will happen – a young player with a curious nature and lots of potential.

Terry plays Nomo.  As a player he is a committed and can communicate very well.  As his character, he is quite a fatherly figure in a way and tries to keep the balance and harmony within the group.  He is lethal with a bow.

Dan plays Pevel.
Dan is an enthusiastic roleplayer who really gets into character, so he really plays up the oafish, cowardly character of Pevel.  Pevel is useful as a rogue however (unlocking doors, being stealthy and quick-thinking).

Ben plays Hector, who is an individual and playful with a glint in his eye, both as a player and character.  When Hector is not bored or disinterested he likes to self-indulge especially in drinking wine. His character is selfish and evil but he likes the group.

Rob plays Leigheas.
He loves to laugh and hang out. He makes a lot of jokes out-of-character but is also an enthusiastic player.  He is completely different to his character, who is world-weary and feels that his god has forsaken him.   However, despite all of this, Leigheas is always determined to help the party out of danger.

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Belstogley
Race: Human
Location: Guardhouse prison in Mid-Nis
Episodes: 2 (Series 1, episodes 4 & 5)
Appearance:  Wild, hairy, wrinkly and muscular.

Personality: Enthusiastic and of-the-moment.

Background: An experienced fighter, Belstogley veered from his clan on the Dudron basin after he fell out with the clan elders.  After his expulsion from the clan, he continued his nomadic existence alone wondering between towns and taverns.

Strengths:  In the spur of the moment, he is exceptionally loyal, determined and friendly.

Weaknesses: Short-term memory resulting in total lack of planning.  Also a dependence on alcohol.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  In the cells of the Mid-Nis guardhouse, Belstogley is persuaded to help the party when they convince him they are friends with ‘Lou’.  He tells them about the armoury and helps them attempt to free their friend, Long Vernal.  In the ensuing attempt to escape from the guardhouse he raged, set fire to the guardhouse and attacked a line of charging guards.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low. He was outnumbered by the guards 5/1 and was caught setting fire to the guardhouse.

Character Portraits used:  60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Chief Vance Kooltar
Race: Human
Location: Mid-Nis
Episodes: 2 (Series 1, episodes 4)
Appearance:  With
rugged good looks and a strong build, there is no doubt that he can lead by
example in tough times.  He also appears
stern and earnest; a person you wouldn’t think of crossing.

Background: Vance is a famous son of Mid-Nis having grown
up there.  He is trusted and respected by
the citizens and only left to earn his credentials as a guard.  The times he spend in the Da with the tribes
changed him.  He became a tougher,
stronger leader but also lost some of his innocence and light-heartedness.

Strengths:  Righteous
and charismatic.
Weaknesses:  Small-town
pride could result in short-sighted decision-making.

What Happened:  Vance
received the information from Elstan about murderers in his midst.  He prepared his guards to intercept them at
the gates and chased down Long Vernal when he tried to escape.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Medium.
He is aware of the parties crimes and is keen to bring justice down on
them.  Whilst friends of Leigheas the
Cleric have turned a blind eye to the party’s movements, he would not be so

Character Portraits used:
City Guard Captain by Windmaker (

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Gretz
Location: The Tanin’s Camel Inn
Episodes: 1 (Series 1, episode 2)
Appearance:  Middle-aged, rough features although his modest clothes are clean and kept in good condition.  He has an oily voice and long dark tangled hair that is balding on top.

Personality: Private, helpful but without any innate charm.

Background: Gretz and his wife took over the Tanin’s Camel after the previous owner disappeared. Being the only other staff on the premises they continued to run the place and their ownership has never been challenged.   They did however board up the previous owner’s bedroom, which was discovered to contain a passage to a Well of Souls
underneath.  Unfortunately, this was not discovered in time to prevent two guests from developing strange behavioral changes and his wife from developing large cat whiskers on her face.

Strengths:  Shrewd and can keep things close to his chest.

Weaknesses:  Not a charismatic individual.

What Happened: Gretz tended to the party who were in the employ of Elstan.  He caught them in the barricaded master bedroom, having also damaged three paintings.  He couldn’t persuade them to leave and stop them exploring the entrance to the well but he was reimbursed for the three paintings.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Medium. He still runs the inn, so it depends on the party’s  movements.

Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Lanier the Merchant
Race: Human
Location: The docks of Nis-Ton
Episodes: 2 (Series 1, episodes 1-2)
Appearance:  Tall, strong and a little overweight.   He wore travel clothes of fine quality silk and a turban and gave the appearance of being both rich and efficient.
Background: Lanier Whilst Elstan provided the money, Lanier provided the business and administrative acumen that Elstan lacked.  He was loyal and completely trusted by Elstan; so much so that he balanced the accounts and had access to all the funds.

Strengths:  Focussed and strong.

Weaknesses:  Lacking in diplomacy and patience.

What Happened: Lanier hired the party to protect their cargo.  He was impressed by their fighting prowess when they defended the cargo against orcs, but was betrayed in his trust when they attacked him in his bedroom at the Tanin’s Camel.  Lanier was then thrown, unconscious into the Well of Souls.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low. He is not technically dead, but if they encountered the person once known as Lanier he would seem quite different.

Character Portraits used:
60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’