Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Hayyaes
Race: Lich
Location: The Da Desert
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 3, 4
Appearance:  Terrifying, ancient and decaying, this character is unforgettable.

Personality: Demanding, persistant but relatively calm

Background: The party encountered the lich in his lair underneath the Da sands.  His story goes far beyond the lifetime of most mortals. The party discover more in later series.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  He awoke ‘ahead of time’ after the party had entered his central room and a trench had filled with a firey stream. Orix would have been consumed by the lich if Nomo hadn’t broken an orb containing his essence.  The lich then employed the party believing their presence to be fated and they voluntarily drank the red crystals requested by Hayyaes.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  High. The party have a mission to carry out and are expecting to be rewarded.

Character Portraits used:  Mudokonabe (Series 4 onwards)