Non-Player Character Profile


Location: The desert city of Arlatla
Race: Lizard Folk
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 9, Red Hall Part 4 & 5
Appearance:  Grinx appears smartly dressed, and has a study of his own as well as servants to attend him.

Personality: None of the party are familiar with lizard folk, but Grinx appears to be honest, if a little impatient.  His is discreet, and not above breaking rules if it suits him.

Background: Little is known about Grinx.  He has risen to a high rank in the Artlatla guard, but he has not elevated himself enough to have entered the Red Hall.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  He negotiated with the party to give them entrance into the Red Hall and provided them with a map.  In return he insisted on payment and an item as a deposit.  He bargained hard, but also believed Leigheas’ ruse that the ‘Erol Flinn’ armour was worth as much as a ship.

When the party returned from the Red Hall he sent his servant to aid their escape.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low.  They may return to Arlatla at some point but it is unlikely that Grinx will want anything to do with these wanted killers now that their agreement is settled.

Character Portraits used:
60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’