Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Llanrol
Race: Wood Elf
Location: The Da Desert, above Mid-Nis
Episodes: Series 2, episode 1
Appearance:  Thin, serious, orderly but with dirty, outdoor garments.

Personality: Studious and generally open to others who do not act aggressively.

Background: From the Eastern Glade, near the town of Mid-Nis, Llanrol trained in Vatet as an archaeologist  specialising in the arcane and ancient elven races of Chandanis.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  Llanrol met the party as they were heading to a newly-uncovered site in the Da.  He provided information as a curtesy and hoped that the party would share any findings with him.  They have not looked him up.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Low.  Llanrol continues to research the ancient civilisations of the land and hunts forartifacts but will not travel far from the Eastern Glade.

Character Portraits used:  60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’