Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Chief Vance Kooltar
Race: Human
Location: Mid-Nis
Episodes: 2 (Series 1, episodes 4)
Appearance:  With
rugged good looks and a strong build, there is no doubt that he can lead by
example in tough times.  He also appears
stern and earnest; a person you wouldn’t think of crossing.

Background: Vance is a famous son of Mid-Nis having grown
up there.  He is trusted and respected by
the citizens and only left to earn his credentials as a guard.  The times he spend in the Da with the tribes
changed him.  He became a tougher,
stronger leader but also lost some of his innocence and light-heartedness.

Strengths:  Righteous
and charismatic.
Weaknesses:  Small-town
pride could result in short-sighted decision-making.

What Happened:  Vance
received the information from Elstan about murderers in his midst.  He prepared his guards to intercept them at
the gates and chased down Long Vernal when he tried to escape.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Medium.
He is aware of the parties crimes and is keen to bring justice down on
them.  Whilst friends of Leigheas the
Cleric have turned a blind eye to the party’s movements, he would not be so

Character Portraits used:
City Guard Captain by Windmaker (