Non-Player Character Profile

Captain Nimitz

Location: The desert city of Arlatla
Race: Lizard Folk
Episodes: Series 2, Episode 9, Red Hall Part 5
Appearance:  Nimitz towers above most lizard fol and wears the armour of Arlatla over his tunic.

Personality:  There is no doubt, Nimitz believes in power and position.  He used his rank as a lever to assert his authority and could be cruel if his position was not respected.

Background:  No background is known, but this ambitious lizard was native to Arlatla and understood the ladder which he wished to climb.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  He found the party as he was looking for ‘volunteers’ to go protect the Bullywug engineers in repairing the heating pipes.  He did not take Hector’s hostilities well and punished him severely. At that moment a seething Hector swore vengeance and made the sure the party paid him a visit before they left the city.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Zero.  Hector got his revenge.  Nomo dealt the fatal blow and Nimitz’s corpse landed on a hapless Pevel.

Character Portraits used: 60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’