Rolling Word Play – 31

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping, Factored Landowner and Satisfy Feeling.

Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping
The snow shelves of Arenos are perfect platforms for the bird people to set up stalls to sell their wares.  At the height of winter, these stalls can stack on top of each other to over 50 high.  The largest are used to sell transport or are social spaces, while others sell meats, pelts and tools.  If your adventurers visit here, how will they get around?  What items, wise minds or criminals might lurk within the snow shelves?

Factored Landowner
The island of Ivinex has a very shrewd ruler known by many as the Purse Keeper.  He has a small school of Conjuration Wizards who have enchanted the land and its subjects in such a way that for any exchange of wares and money that takes place, the Purse Keeper gets his cut.  Within his grand palace there is a large warehouse and a treasury that is constantly being filled with his share of the transactions.  Many are tired of this but know that the Conjuration Wizards have them in a bind and will route out any illegal attempts to trade. There are adventures to be had here in the wild parts of the island as well as jobs for hire-swords in the towns, and with rewards (minus the Purse Keeper’s share).  There is also a chance to topple the ruler, if they dare.  Will the adventurers risk taking on the Conjuration Wizards?  Is there a way into the palace that avoids a full-scale battle?  What percentage of the transactions does the ruler get to keep?

Satisfy Feeling
The Swirling Pools oasis is an exotic, luxurious city state, where any business or land owner is rich thanks to the attraction of the naturally bubbling hot springs.  They have been lovingly carved into pools and every home that has been carved into the rocky cliffs is at a premium.  But be it the hot air or the rich power on display, something about Swirling Pools has an effect on those that visit there.  Any craving or desire they have is very hard not to act on.  While many are happy to relax, they can do for hours on end.  But for others, the seeds of jealousy, love, lust or addiction can germinate very quickly.  This is probably why the murder rate among inhabitants and tourists is so high and why the parties are so colourful!  If the adventurers go here, they will need to have their wits about them.  Otherwise it may be a case of what happens in Swirling Pools, stays in Swirling Pools!