Rolling Word Play – 40

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Wriggled Remembers Salvage, Slippery Dearly Muddle and Whisper Crafted Meatball.

Wriggled Remembers Salvage
Perhaps the strangest partnership in the known worlds if of Grelven and his wriggly, giant animal companion.  Grelven once rescued a giant purple worm as it was still growing from a mine cave-in. It had been abandoned by its mother, and grew attached to Grelven.  Since then, it has more than paid back the life debt it owed him.  They are inseparable and together they roam the plains and desert landscapes.  Their ability to dig up gold is unparalleled.

Slippery Dearly Muddle
A witch known of Geldred was once conned out of her finest potions when a knight said he would pay her handsomely for them.  He gave her fake coins however, worthless to anyone less naïve.  Furious, she gathered all the real gold coins she had and set a trap for the knight, planting the coins in various places in the forest and beside the bridal pathways.   She cursed each coin with a potent spell of her own, and was delighted when she spyed the knight picking one up and dying in the attempt.  The curse for the coins sends the creature that picks them up into the ground where a boggy, suffocating death awaits.  She decided to leave the other coins for others who might be as greedy and conniving as the knight was.

Whisper Crafted Meatball
Perhaps the most disturbing food on offer is the Whispering Meatballs of Mef. No-one but the chefs know how they are made or what they contain, but the original tale doesn’t inspire confidence.  Mef was a priest whose piety knew no bounds.  The story goes that he warned a greedy baron to share the crops of his land lest they go to waste.  When the baron continued to ignore his warnings, Mef confronted him and rather than imprisoning him or running him through, kept him alive as he crafted and skinned him into tiny pieces.  With these, he created a large pot of meatball stew, which he served to the villagers on the baron’s land.

Mef’s Whispering Meatballs are still served today in a few special locations. The meatballs seem to whisper incoherently as if talking with their last breath. Sometimes the diners swear they can hear what they are saying.  Are these creatures skinned alive by the cook, or a culinary trick using trapped air?  No-one knows for certain.

Rolling Word Play – 37

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Arrange Graver Clubs, Pest Dwell Simulation and Saturation Bobbing Caskets.

Arrange Graver Clubs
One of the strangest and most secretive places from those outside the city to encounter is the Mourners’ Foundation. This group is for the bereaved. It uses funds taken from widowers who are members of the Foundation to buy and run several buildings in the city. The group supports each other as best they can. Some of the buildings are dedicated to solemn contemplation, whilst others are much more of a society for those who are well adjusted to their new-found freedom.  The group is close and also contains its own secrets.

How might such a group affect the power within the city?  Would they deliberately target wealthy merchants and work on their partners to gain extra capital?  Do their members hold key information and have they attempted to communicate with the dead?

Pest Dwell Simulation
There are many situations where adventurers can make an impact but some are best to be avoided.  For example, the pest control drills of the Sewer Guards of Herembor.  The sewers below the city can be dreary, smelly places for much of the time, but the dark, gassy atmosphere can play on a person’s paranoia.  It’s true that smugglers sometimes use the passageways to get around, but it’s been a few decades since the last large beast was seen. Could it happen again?   The Sewer Guards’ solution is to create simulations in which guards dress up as giant rats and act aggressively whilst the other guards have to try and trap it as effectively as possible.

This drill isn’t designed with visitors in mind – how will the adventurers react to seeing giant rat things?  Will the guards be taken by surprise when they find armed humanoids rather than their colleague in a furry suit?

Saturation Bobbing Caskets
These magical caskets were said to be the invention of a renowned Cleric known as Monrey Yarroby who wanted to purify water.  To this effect he created a kind of purification system using magics that he was able to gather and channel into the material of the wooden caskets.  His experiments worked well, but he found that the saturating or purifying process needed water motion on the outside for it to mix properly and take effect.  Others after him found other uses.

The bobbing casket is 2 foot high by 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep.  It can transform an object placed within it when the closed casket is allowed to float on top of the water.  Most users use the rope on the casket lid to to tie it to something and  keep the casket from floating away.  The effect is that it attempts to saturate the object in some way.  Here are some results:

Roll 1d10 and have the DM decide two possible results and the odds for the likely and less likely results to occur.

  • Salt water = Likely becomes purified water.  Less likely, becomes salt.
  • Two objects = Likely becomes two separate objects.  Less likely, perfectly smooth single object.
  • Stone containing gems = Likely becomes normal rock.  Less likely, becomes pure crystal
  • Damaged manuscript = Likely is mended but without writing.  Less likely, restored with writing intact.

Rolling Word Play – 36

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Upholds Stints, Currently Advise Visit and Radioactive Topics Hottest.

Upholds Stints
A bounty hunter’s guild called the Vine was formed to deal with the city’s problems with the wilds and with some of its own inhabitants.  They keep their rates low by keeping the jobs simple and small, whilst the guild itself makes a healthy sum for the big jobs that come in.  To find a gang, a team of bounty hunters will each be working on capturing one individual.  If the job is to catch or kill an individual prey, then there will be a bounty hunter team, keeping their unit costs down.  In this way, no individual is ever rich enough to independently create a possible competition for the guild.  What individuals might the adventurer’s meet, or will they be the bounty that is being hunted down by this guild?

Currently Advise Visit
The platinum mines of Rehorab are being constantly battered by ferocious winds and merciless rains which make travelling very risky.  On the rare occasions when the route is clear, the news spreads fast and many make the journey at hasty speeds hoping to fill their vaults.  Minors are well paid, and act like banking clerks when the public arrive.  First, the contracts are fulfilled, unless they are void due to time penalties or if the minors they employed did not stay on.  After that a bidding war is had to buy the remaining stock.  Then, the ‘picks’ or short-term minors, are allowed in. There is an entrance fee however, and a percentage of their finds goes to the royal treasury.  Then, after a few frantic days, almost all make haste to return to safe lands before the wind and rains begin again.  A new shift begins for the minors, who will continue for as long as they can in the hope that another break in the weather comes. Death from floods and starvation are very real threats for the minors and many die on the job.  Will the adventurers be called there to collect a fee, or will they be seeking something else in the platinum mines?

Radioactive Topics Hottest
A new craze has spread throughout the land.  There is a plant that has been growing in the fertile but volatile upper slopes of Mionevir, a volcano that is so active, it continuously flows both under and over the coastal provinces leaving the area baron for all but the hottest creatures. The closest parts of the Mionevir volcano are sacred to the lizard folk who consider it new land and not part of any kingdom.  The plants that grow nearby are bright yellow and add a luminosity to all liquids they come into contact with.  Their flavour is very bright and it causes mild hallucinations.  However, if someone has enough of it, the drink can also cause mutations.  Perhaps a swirl mark on the skin, but sometimes a small semi-useless flap of skin or even a limb.  It is no coincidence that masks and cloaks are back in fashion!

Rolling Word Play – 34

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Tipping Cavailer, Feeling Jackets and People Brother.

Tipping Cavailer
Although they don’t always get great press, cavaliers are the classic ‘knight in shining armour’, or in other words, escorts in armour.  Most are mercenary, happy to be bought or sold to the highest bidder, whilst some become indispensable to one particular patron and are bought out for life. The cavalier has loyalty to the one that pays them but beyond that must keep an eye out for potential custom and maintain an impressive reputation.  While there is no doubt some truth behind patrons tipping cavaliers for extra favours, there is a famous case of Sir Basil the Cavalier who tipped not only rich folk with goblets of wine that he hoped would patronize him, but also gave money to town criers and king’s subjects to say favourable things about his deeds and stature.  Sir Basil is likely in great debt by the time the adventurers enter his domain.  A chance then to try and rescue Sir Basil’s faultering career by accomplishing some impressive deeds.  As a reward?   Well, he knows where all the best parties are in town.

Feeling Jackets
This one is a bit of a caper.  As the temparature drops and the weather worsens, giant snow critters have awoken from their swampy island and invaded the mainland. The town is riddled with these creatures, which look like flying wind chimes.  When they bite their prey, they take blood and inject an ice-cold fluid into their victim’s veins.  If the creature manages to stagger away, they must quickly warm their bodies up or risk freezing on the spot and being stabbed by a second snow critter which will fill them with tiny eggs.  After that it is a matter of hours before they become the host for a new generation of snow critters.  If your adventurers are unlucky enough to find themselves in such a town in wintertime, expect rescuing missions and lots of hot drinks.  How can the snow critters be stopped or prevented from feeding on the townsfolk?

People Brother
In the town of Ricaroto, they have perhaps the most surprising guardian.  A troll youngling was discovered outside the town in the grasslands before the forest proper.  The young couple who found her didn’t have the heart to kill her seeing only desperate hunger in her eyes.  Away from prying eyes they fed it meat and berries until it was able to use its own limbs. By that time they had already named her Dew Eyes and couldn’t bare to let her go.  It caused much alarm when at first it was discovered by friends on a house visit.  Word got around but the couple stubbornly kept her.  After much debate, the council did not banish their child troll from the town. However, many were very weary of her and the troll was kept at home for all but occasional trips.  At the present time, Dew Eyes is a young but nearly fully grown troll and believes herself to be a person.  She came into her own when a band of orcs raided the town.  They were not expecting a troll and she defended her foster parents’ territory as if her life depended on it.

Rolling Word Play – 31

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping, Factored Landowner and Satisfy Feeling.

Snow Plaster Redouble Surface Shopping
The snow shelves of Arenos are perfect platforms for the bird people to set up stalls to sell their wares.  At the height of winter, these stalls can stack on top of each other to over 50 high.  The largest are used to sell transport or are social spaces, while others sell meats, pelts and tools.  If your adventurers visit here, how will they get around?  What items, wise minds or criminals might lurk within the snow shelves?

Factored Landowner
The island of Ivinex has a very shrewd ruler known by many as the Purse Keeper.  He has a small school of Conjuration Wizards who have enchanted the land and its subjects in such a way that for any exchange of wares and money that takes place, the Purse Keeper gets his cut.  Within his grand palace there is a large warehouse and a treasury that is constantly being filled with his share of the transactions.  Many are tired of this but know that the Conjuration Wizards have them in a bind and will route out any illegal attempts to trade. There are adventures to be had here in the wild parts of the island as well as jobs for hire-swords in the towns, and with rewards (minus the Purse Keeper’s share).  There is also a chance to topple the ruler, if they dare.  Will the adventurers risk taking on the Conjuration Wizards?  Is there a way into the palace that avoids a full-scale battle?  What percentage of the transactions does the ruler get to keep?

Satisfy Feeling
The Swirling Pools oasis is an exotic, luxurious city state, where any business or land owner is rich thanks to the attraction of the naturally bubbling hot springs.  They have been lovingly carved into pools and every home that has been carved into the rocky cliffs is at a premium.  But be it the hot air or the rich power on display, something about Swirling Pools has an effect on those that visit there.  Any craving or desire they have is very hard not to act on.  While many are happy to relax, they can do for hours on end.  But for others, the seeds of jealousy, love, lust or addiction can germinate very quickly.  This is probably why the murder rate among inhabitants and tourists is so high and why the parties are so colourful!  If the adventurers go here, they will need to have their wits about them.  Otherwise it may be a case of what happens in Swirling Pools, stays in Swirling Pools!

Rolling Word Play – 30

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Voice Bulge, Senator Fetches Turtles and Fireworks Outsted Global Jogging.

Voice Bulge
A numbers of thefts have been reported in one city, with the watch very keen to catch the criminals. But as things develop, a gang war is brewing between two of the criminal factions and seemingly unrelated, a popular singing sensation is letting down his adoring fans.  If the adventurers investigate further, they will discover that Dano Dew’s brilliant singing can manipulate and unlock doors.  Clues are a plenty, including a pleasant humming sound being heard by witnesses before a robbery took place and the gang wars are to do with who gets access to ‘DD’s incredible talents.  It seems that he is over his head, but can the adventurers assist him, or has Dano Dew sealed his own fate?

Senator Fetches Turtles
One ambitious politician takes his orders from another being outside of his political party.  Sean Vlarn seeks to gain favour through worshipping an Old One; an ancient god.  But in return this deity wishes Sean to make sacrifices.  Instead or murdering his fellow citizens, he raids an animal sanctuary, bringing back many baby turtles in the hope that their sacrifice will suffice. To do this, he hired two humans to help move and sacrifice the turtles, promising them riches if they keep their mouths shut.  But as the sacrifices begin, they start to lose their minds.  As the players come into this adventure, a dangerous tension in the air of something evil and powerful stirring.  But what will be the result of Sean’s efforts?  Did his turtle sacrifices work, or was he forced to kill something bigger?  Will a door open between worlds, or will the Old One’s powers be given to Sean and his followers?

Fireworks Ousted Global Jogging
The gentlemen’s shoes.   This is a brand of magical black leather shoes that contain bright runes on its soles.  Created by a renowned magician-inventor as a marketing gimmick, it contains basic instructions to help teach the wearer how to behave in public.  When sitting, if the wearer places one leg over the other, it will suddenly become twice as heavy and force the wearer to keep both feet on the ground.  If the user’s walk is with feet pointing to the sides, it will give out a blast of air to affect the user’s balance until they adjust to keeping the feet pointing straight ahead.  If the user moves fast enough to have both feet off the ground at once (for example a run or a skip) then the shoes will create small fireworks that bang and pop all around the user until they slow down.

Rolling Word Play – 29

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Slumped Hotels, Decades Trek and Duchess Cycling.

Slumped Hotels
The Culis is a hotel and tavern that sits over a wide chasm on the edge of the Maddening Wastes.  There is no bottom in sight; just the chilling blackness below.  And yet, the hotel attracts many visitors, particularly the brave and foolhardy adventuring types who are travelling into the unknown, and those who are looking to strike a bargain for strange artefacts.  Quirks of the Culis include weird dreams, odd tales and even stranger travellers.  The bar can only be reached by walking over single planks of wood and the rooms are often at odd angles and yet the building seems to hold together somehow.

Decades Trek
Moremir Dunes is a very long, thin bar of sand that stretches for tens if not hundreds of miles.  It is buffeted on either side by howling winds and unforgiving waves, so much so, that travelling by air and sea is futile.  Nobody knows the distance the dunes go on for, or if they are intact.  That is because very few make it all the way across and by the time they do, their news is already old.  Despite this, many do try to cross them and start a new life for themselves.  There is civilization on both sides, but no regular communication or trade because the distance is too great.  There are many tales as to the condition of the dunes, the safest places to bed down for the night and also what monsters to be weary of. What reason would adventurers have for crossing the Moremir Dunes?  Are they perhaps trying to escape something, or is there someone that needs rescuing, or capturing?

Duchess Cycling
The Rainbow Duchess wanted to stand out and be difference from her royal siblings.  The King and Queen of Osonbrok are well known, as is Cyralda’s argument with her father, the king.  She was banished from the royal palaces of the capital and sent to the provincial town of Brioson until such a time as she had redeemed herself.  Rather than meekly behave and be a respectable ruler of Brioson, she decided to rebel in her own way.  She discovered an arcane blacksmith in Brioson and persuaded him to create a one-of-its-kind bicycle.  At great expense and great ingenuity on the blacksmith’s part, the bicycle could create a rainbow trail on the ground as it ran.  It could even fly temporarily.  Delighted with this, Cyralda had a basket installed and started giving out sweets to the bewildered but delighted residents of Brioson.  She soon got her nickname The Rainbow Duchess and is yet to return to the capital.