Rolling Word Play – 38

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Ringleader Vibrant Income, Negotiated Amended Hoaxes and Spaces Covenants Fences.

Ringleader Vibrant Income
The city of Ashent is a very complex hive of culture and squalor.  It contains more bards per square foot than any other city.  This means that a cheap evening’s entertainment is very easy to find, but that competition for gigs is fierce.  Many provide custom services on the side, including musical codes and signatures; there is a market for creating unique ditties on piccolos and recorders, but also enchanting items to play the tune at the owner’s request. This goes for all occupations including the seedier ones.  Entire roguish gangs operate using secret musical codes to avoid guards, signal which plan to use and to gain access to safehouses.  In the brothels it is said that the front of house will communicate prospective customers to the escorts as they walk by to gauge who will attempt a transaction.

Any adventurers in this neighbourhood will be sure to have a good time one way or the other. Will they cotton onto the musical tricks at play, or be caught with their pants down and lose their purses?

Negotiated Amended Hoaxes
A new art installation has arrived in the castle.  Incredible sculptures of exotic beasts, life-sized and made of fine materials such as jade, marble and glass. But one of the animals holds a secret: an enormous amount of gun powder that when triggered will blow the entire castle apart.  But the conspirators have lost heart in their rebellious scheme.  It appears they were overenthusiastic when dealing with dangerous criminals who refuse to back down.  Now there are not only guards to contend with, but rogues bent on hushing up anyone that attempts to spoil their plans.

The conspirators will be seeking help but are too afraid to turn to the authorities and reveal their dastardly plot.  The travelling adventurers are perfect for such a mission.  What were the conspirators hoping to achieve? What will the criminals attempt with such fire power? And what animal contains the explosives?

Spaces Covenants Fences
The farming community of Freedle is different from most rural dwellings.  The herbs grown are exotic, the drinks brewed are peculiar but refreshing.  Parties in the open fields often occur at night and cauldrons are allowed to simmer for much of the day.  This is because every household in Freedle is of witching stock.  Despite their reputations elsewhere, the community gets by fine and their proud shared heritage makes the community fiercely loyal to each other.  Wars come and go, but the village of Freedle goes on.  Sometimes they aid outsiders, but often they mind their own business, preferring the outside world to do the same for Freedle.

Are there any bad apples among the witches?  What brews, magical items or curses might adventurers pick up when passing through Freedle?