Level 5 – Episode 2

The Wolf’s Head Regiment

The party are in search of an ancient gong that they hope will open a portal to the Fey Wilds.  Having already dispensed with their Hobgoblin guide each room is a mystery and delving deeper into the Hobgoblin stronghold of the Wolf’s Head Regiment reveals that everything is not quite as it seems.  Especially  when it comes to inventories…


Level 5 – Episode 1


After defeating Vijo – the magical servant of Graz’zt – the party has an uneasy rest ahead of them as they start to hear whispering voices in the Underdark.

A Lich expects them to deliver living beings to him, whilst their travelling companion Ntay wishes to find an ancient lake.  Will the party stay united or heed the voices?

Level 4 – Episode 10

Pudding’s Bane

And so, the party have reluctantly followed the orders of the Lich master Hayyaes to the lair of a creature the ancient mage perceives as a threat.  Unfortunately, Vijo, a powerful Lamia has escaped the party’s clutches
by diving into a mysterious pool.  Do they dare follow?