Rolling Word Play – 19

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Shrill Experts, Replaces Confining and Onions Relatives.

Shrill Experts
There are creatures called Rills that are so advanced in terms of sound manipulation that they can harm and stun their opponents with the mere use of their voices.  Unlike most humanoids they have 4 lungs and many air vents. They also have keen ears.  Their incredible aural powers have been developed mainly as a result of internal wars, meaning their own audible defences are also very strong. In terms of physique they are top-heavy with good strength and wasp-like eyes on either side of their head.  Their legs are thin with bird-like feet, giving them good agility and balance.  There is a rarer mutation that gives them four legs, and these are revered in Rill culture and obtain a high status in their society.

Replaces Confining
Welcome to Hamrash prison.  This salty plane of existence is a giant, infertile field. Plants do grow here – a variant of water cress – but they have little nutritional value and the prisoners need to eat a lot of them in order to survive, essentially turning them into cattle. There is one pool of water and the city state has created a number of artificial shelters.  The prison is very effective in humbling and wearing down the most temperamental of prisoners, but the city state has the moral issue of deciding whether to ‘police’ the prisoners’ behaviour in the prison or to leave them to it.

Onion Relatives
These rotund humanoids known as Inshi, appear to have a shiny, glossy skin.  It enables them to regenerate damaged cells and recover hit points. The skin can also be shed, peeling back to reveal an inner skin without the ailments of the outer.  When they choose to do this, their maximum hit points and strength are reduced, but they are fit and healthy once more.  Only a severe wound would affect the inner layers. They have approximately five working layers (depending on the individual) before the inner organs become exposed.  Here is an example of their stats in 5e (Int, Wis and Cha stay the same):

Outer Layer:  Str:16, Dex:10, Con: 18, Hit points = 40, Regeneration rate = 0

Layer 2: Str:14, Dex:12, Con: 16, Hit points = 34, Reg. rate = 1 hp/round

Layer 3:  Str:12, Dex:14, Con: 14, Hit points = 28, Reg. rate = 2 hp/round

Layer 4:  Str:10, Dex:16, Con: 12, Hit points = 22, Reg. rate = 3 hp/round

Layer 5: Str:8, Dex:18, Con: 10, Hit points = 16, Reg. rate = 4 hp/round

The Inshi can recover their outer skin(s), but it is a painful process that takes a considerable amount of time to do.

Rolling Word Play – 18

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Rallies Swings, Events Tilting and Reserved Sawdust.

Rallies Swings
The thieves guild has an assault course that tests their agility and ability to work together.  New initiates have to wait till at least four creatures are ready to join the guild before they’ll be considered.  They must then take the assault course together by each completing a lap of the course with a bundle of goods (represented by a sack of stones) and passing it onto the next initiate.  Failure can be very costly as there are not only dogs chasing the runners but also swinging weaponry to dodge and walls to climb.  Those that get hit by the assault course obstacles can become crippled for life or even die.

Events Tilting
Ambal’s Trembling Disk is a very powerful magical item.  Its size makes it very distinguishable as is it has the appearance of a black rock and so heavy that it uses a four-legged stand, making it a similar size to a desk. The central-top area of the disk is separate from the outside.  In shape, this central area is flat and then curves into a ball at the bottom.  A skilled magic user who has taken time to master the device can project a visible area of land up to 300 ft. onto the disk and start physically moving the central part of the disk up, down and around.  This causes the chosen area of land to do the same, affecting any creatures or buildings in that area as if hit by an earthquake.  It has been used in city defence and even carried into battle warfare before.  But where is it now?

Reserved Sawdust
In the Gamalen Forest, the wood lives on beyond the death of the tree.  This wood attempts to protect the soil beneath by crawling worm-like on the ground and find the best place for it to finally decompose.  One clever entrepreneur realised that if the wood is taken from the forest, it can have other uses.  Reserved Sawdust is a thieves’ favourite tool to cover their tracks as when dropped on the ground it looks for damp patches to cover and divots to fill.  Before long, the ground looks as if no one walked there at all.

Rolling Word Play – 17

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Extremely Parenthood, Pampering Caves and Translate Servants.

Extremely Parenthood
The Basin of Innocence if a profound place, which includes many items of curiosity as well as some wondrous magical items.  The feeling when entering is hard to avoid, however and affects the whole body.  It is a squeezing, popping sensation as if sucked through a worm hole whilst flying at high altitude.   Those who are swept up in that feeling (the equivalent of failing a Wisdom saving throw in D&D 5e) become very young versions of themselves.  Roll 1d6 +6 to determine their new age.  Now, best try and retrieve the object they came there for (if they can still remember) and find a way out.  The age effects last for 1d6 days after leaving the Basin.

Pampering Caves
The Doljer Hills have an extensive network of caves and hot springs, which attracts many travellers and rich aristocrats with ailments, who flock to the bath houses to be pampered and revived whilst enjoying extensive views of the plains below.  But those that do make the journey must make sure they go to the right caves, for there are also many faux bath houses.  Many travellers have found themselves in bath houses run by bandits, who store stolen goods further inside the cave complex, and also bath houses of ill repute for other activities.  Which will your adventurers discover?  How far into the cave complex do they wish to go?

Translate Servants
The Fellowship House is a bastion of civilized society, where ideas are shared, the ways of the world debated and much feasting is had.  But it is built on the back of slavery, much of which has been imported for labour. However, there is a plot underway by the servants to overthrow their masters.  Will their plot be translated in time, and if so, whose side will the adventurers take?

Rolling Word Play – 16

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Prefers Notary, Actual Materials and Cheeks Rejoin.

Prefers Notary
In one kingdom the power not only sits with royalty, but the Queen’s notary who over time, became her lover and partner in plotting the kingdom’s future behind the King’s back.  The King had been oblivious to this turn of events until recently.  But now he’s starting to ask questions and suspect there may be something more between his wife and her notary.  A plot is formed to knock him off and replace him with someone they can control (an actor, or an illusion from a trusted mage).  Will they succeed and if so, how long can they keep up the façade?

Actual Materials
A gold mine has been producing very little in precious metals and the local community is concerned that the mining company will go under.  Despite their lack of success, work has not ceased and does not look like slowing with those in control determined to continue.  The occasional pieces of glittering gold have emerged, but it isn’t enough to run a mine.  The minors are unmotivated whilst some haven’t been paid in weeks.

There are two illusionists working for the manager, who oversee the mining and carry out inspections. They have been hiding the gold in plain sight making it look like solid rock, and have been sifting out the hidden gold and storing it elsewhere for their own gains.  What is their aim?  Does the manager know?

Cheeks Rejoin
The sacred cheeks of Almara are 2 pristine velvet cushions, made of exquisite material.  They have been kept apart in separate palaces belonging to the Sultan of Almara.  There has long been a myth that the two together provide a coded message for finding the tomb of the first Sultan and untold wealth therein.  However, this interest has piqued recently with the disappearance of one of the cushions, presumed stolen.  Who has the cushion?  What other parties are interested in obtaining the treasures? Where is the tomb located and what lies inside?

Rolling Word Play – 15

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Handbag View Downward, Laughed needlessly and Connectors Parked.

Handbag View Downward
A mage created this bag with two pancake-sized portals that both link to the inside of the bag.  It enables anything within this bag to be in constant motion between the portals.  It was created as a good way to store chemical objects that shouldn’t settle (certain fluids that would turn to solid or explosive ingredients) but it can also be a very effective ranged weapon as it will be at full speed when released from the bag.  When extracting useful contents from the bag, a spell such as Featherfall (D&D) or a Slow spell prevents the contents from splattering everywhere.

Laughed Needlessly
A certain name triggers this curse upon all those in the vicinity of hearing it when it is spoken by someone. Why this powerful prank should work, no-one is sure but it is not fixed to any area.  It follows those who know of its power around, like a virus, spreading onto others who witness the effect.  Urban myths say the person is real and living, but common sense must surely mean they have changed their name by now to avoid complete ridicule.

Connectors Parked
The gates to the Avass – an imposing pyramidal structured tomb – are all connected.  All it takes is for one door to be triggered by opening it and all gates are uniformly activated.  This turns on the life and traps within.

Rolling Word Play – 13

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Petal Rafters, Organ Jive and Postponing Jeers.

Petal Rafters
A fey retreat for weary travellers to be revived in a number of different ways.  Although housed in an average-looking tavern, clients are escorted up a narrow staircase and into a forest scene.  the upstairs has been transformed to look like a forest glade and the floor consists of flower petals, which are soft on the feet but solid to walk on.  Any actions that the fey workers deem inappropriate however, and the floor gives way underneath the naughty traveller’s feet, either trapping them in a petal bind or letting them drop to the floor below.

What is beneath the petal floor?  Is the city aware of what goes on in this building?

Organ Jive
The mightiest known organ known in all the kingdoms has to be the Jive Organ, belonging to the Mountain Dwarves of Jive.  This colossal organ is formed from the very mountain in which it was built, using both natural and dwarf-engineered vents to move the air effectively. It is not only a way of heralding news and calling workers home from the mines; it is also an effective deterrent for those who would otherwise try to invade.  The lowest vibrations can topple armies and siege engines from the mountain path as well as cause landslides.

Postponing Jeers
The Correction Cap is useful, but something to be used with caution.  Using complex magic, it can tweak probabilities and possibilities to improve the wearer’s success in achieving a task.  However, it always has to re-right itself, which can provide an unfortunate kick-back for the wearer.

If a roll is unsuccessful, the Correction Cap will automatically cause the player to succeed. The wearer can then reset the correction cap, meaning that it will fail the next roll they would have otherwise succeeded on.   However, the player can keep the benefits of the cap going for up to 4 rolls (converting failure to success).  If this happens, they will then experience a big downturn in luck.  Either 4 fails or 2 critical failures (for the GM to decide). It is also possible that the cap explodes (e.g. a natural 1 on the dice roll).

Rolling Word Play – 10

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Herbs Learn, Aura Jolly and Number Audit.

Herbs Learn
A wooden bridge between the village of Orrow and the market town of Flerin has become unsafe, keeping the villagers from trading for supplies.  Something was using the vegetation beside the bridge to whip those travelling across. It almost got old Snor the peddler, but his donkey wasn’t so lucky and fell out of sight into the dense swampy ground below.

The vegetation itself is carnivorous and is attacking those that cross the bridge. When the adventurer’s pass by, roll 1d6 for the plant’s new tactic:

1-2: Disguises themselves as beautiful flowers and fruits ready for picking. 3-4: Aggressive ambush 5-6: Low growl trap as if something lurks underneath the bridge.

Aura Jolly
A magnificent garden produces an effect part illusion-part drug, inducing the visitors to seeing happy, vivid colours when in fact it is nothing of the kind. Faeries and other fey folk wait till the visiting creatures are intoxicated, and then pounce on their prey.  But what is their end-game?  And who is the ring leader?

Number Audit
Those who know it, call it the Valley of the Five.  Whenever a group passing through number more than five or have more than five of an item (for example, five swords), one of the creatures/items disappears. If there are still more than five items or creatures, the effect will repeat.  The only way to stop this effect from recurring is to split the party and the items between them.  Why does this effect occur and where do those who have disappeared end up?

Rolling Word Play – 9

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Detect Cattle, Trap Brains and Snake Tilt.

Detect Cattle
A farmer’s cattle have all disappeared from his ranch/farmstead.  A few individuals have been found wondering outside the area, and seem completely bewildered.  A plant known as Cow Slip was used to entice the cows towards Tipper’s Dyke.  This local patch of wilderness looks oddly darker than the surroundings and objects that have fallen into the dyke have disappeared from view.

The dyke contains a wild portal going to another plane.  But where does it lead, and who deliberately enticed the cows there?

Trap Brains
A trap that contains a pit full of detached brains.  They are able to survive on a liquid solution and have grown large root-like cords to continue to drink and circulate this life-giving brine.  The living body of a creature that falls into the pit will be attacked by the other brains who will attempt to squeeze into an hole they can find and usurp the creature’s own brain.

Snake Tilt
A bridge not only provides a way across difficult terrain, it also provides a singular point of travel, which is useful if you want to stop others trespassing. The Snake Tilt Bridge connects two rocky ledges that sit above a stream of magma and is designed in a colourful, attractive way to look like a snake.  For those who understand its meaning, it is a deterrent.  A perceptive creature will see a slit in the far side of the bridge that indicates it is not connected to the far ledge.  Only the first half of the bridge is supported underneath.  A party that goes across will get to the centre without any trouble, but as soon as enough of them move past the middle, the bridge will become unbalanced and tilt into the magma stream below.