Rolling Word Play – 13

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Petal Rafters, Organ Jive and Postponing Jeers.

Petal Rafters
A fey retreat for weary travellers to be revived in a number of different ways.  Although housed in an average-looking tavern, clients are escorted up a narrow staircase and into a forest scene.  the upstairs has been transformed to look like a forest glade and the floor consists of flower petals, which are soft on the feet but solid to walk on.  Any actions that the fey workers deem inappropriate however, and the floor gives way underneath the naughty traveller’s feet, either trapping them in a petal bind or letting them drop to the floor below.

What is beneath the petal floor?  Is the city aware of what goes on in this building?

Organ Jive
The mightiest known organ known in all the kingdoms has to be the Jive Organ, belonging to the Mountain Dwarves of Jive.  This colossal organ is formed from the very mountain in which it was built, using both natural and dwarf-engineered vents to move the air effectively. It is not only a way of heralding news and calling workers home from the mines; it is also an effective deterrent for those who would otherwise try to invade.  The lowest vibrations can topple armies and siege engines from the mountain path as well as cause landslides.

Postponing Jeers
The Correction Cap is useful, but something to be used with caution.  Using complex magic, it can tweak probabilities and possibilities to improve the wearer’s success in achieving a task.  However, it always has to re-right itself, which can provide an unfortunate kick-back for the wearer.

If a roll is unsuccessful, the Correction Cap will automatically cause the player to succeed. The wearer can then reset the correction cap, meaning that it will fail the next roll they would have otherwise succeeded on.   However, the player can keep the benefits of the cap going for up to 4 rolls (converting failure to success).  If this happens, they will then experience a big downturn in luck.  Either 4 fails or 2 critical failures (for the GM to decide). It is also possible that the cap explodes (e.g. a natural 1 on the dice roll).