Rolling Word Play – 16

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Prefers Notary, Actual Materials and Cheeks Rejoin.

Prefers Notary
In one kingdom the power not only sits with royalty, but the Queen’s notary who over time, became her lover and partner in plotting the kingdom’s future behind the King’s back.  The King had been oblivious to this turn of events until recently.  But now he’s starting to ask questions and suspect there may be something more between his wife and her notary.  A plot is formed to knock him off and replace him with someone they can control (an actor, or an illusion from a trusted mage).  Will they succeed and if so, how long can they keep up the façade?

Actual Materials
A gold mine has been producing very little in precious metals and the local community is concerned that the mining company will go under.  Despite their lack of success, work has not ceased and does not look like slowing with those in control determined to continue.  The occasional pieces of glittering gold have emerged, but it isn’t enough to run a mine.  The minors are unmotivated whilst some haven’t been paid in weeks.

There are two illusionists working for the manager, who oversee the mining and carry out inspections. They have been hiding the gold in plain sight making it look like solid rock, and have been sifting out the hidden gold and storing it elsewhere for their own gains.  What is their aim?  Does the manager know?

Cheeks Rejoin
The sacred cheeks of Almara are 2 pristine velvet cushions, made of exquisite material.  They have been kept apart in separate palaces belonging to the Sultan of Almara.  There has long been a myth that the two together provide a coded message for finding the tomb of the first Sultan and untold wealth therein.  However, this interest has piqued recently with the disappearance of one of the cushions, presumed stolen.  Who has the cushion?  What other parties are interested in obtaining the treasures? Where is the tomb located and what lies inside?