Rolling Word Play – 25

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Count Cabbages, Primaries Dynasties and Downswing Foreman

Count Cabbages
Explosives are being smuggled into the city inside of cabbages.  A cabbage salesman has been charged with bringing them in and selling them to the gang members.  Will the adventurers be involved in this explosive attempt?  Are they involved in the criminal gang?  If they are tracking down the criminals, then they learn that the watch are concerned that a known gang has gone very quiet of late, and are willing to hire the adventurers to do some detecting as the watch resource is being stretched with other official duties.  What is the target for this dangerous activity and what are the criminals’ intentions?

Primaries Dynasties
A great Elven King is the first-born of the original ruler of the kingdom.  He has four generations of elves in his royal family but he continues ever-onwards in his three-thousand year rule.  Many are tired of his reign.  He dislikes change and the kingdom is becoming a laughing stock for its backward, traditional values.  For others, they cannot imagine another ruler in a land steeped in stability and values. Three of his kin will approach the adventurers once their presence is known to them.  One will want their company and give them lots of food, wine and money to amuse him.  Another will want them to be body guards for the king as she suspects foul play.  The other will want the king assassinated for the good of the kingdom.  What will the adventurers do?  They cannot side with everyone so will have to choose their allies carefully.

Downswing Foreman
This military class is especially adept with bludgeoning weapons.  They value fair play above all else and prefer bludgeoning weapons such as the truncheon, flail or club to stun or disarm their opponents.

Class-specific features: – Extra damage with bludgeoning weapons – Stunning Strike – Wisdom is their main mental skill – Strength is their core physical skill – They are trained to deal with the public, and can speak loudly and clearly when needed

Rolling Word Play – 24

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Transmit Justifies Contrasted Riots, Envisaged Economics Footpath and Managerial Spare.

Transmit Justifies Contrasted Riots
The usually peace-giving monks of Canelo were known and liked for protecting citizens, pleading with the rulers on behalf of them and carrying out duties as an independent, religious group. But something changed after a royal declaration was read out, which resulted in the monks resorting to violence. Now the ruling faction is at war with the monks of Canelo.  What was said that so upset them?  What can be done to resolve the matter?  Whose side are the adventurers on?

Envisaged Economics Footpath
The great money heist.  It all starts with a document.  In this particular kingdom, money is created and controlled in confidential locations.  The adventurers will be asked by a town merchant to obtain the contents of the finance minister’s document holder whilst he is making an address to bankers (after meeting with the prime minister).  The plan is for the adventurers to switch documents without them knowing. To pull this off, the adventurers will need to find a brilliant scribe.  If successful, it will contain exact economic details and reveal the location of several money making activities happening over the next few crucial weeks. Time for the heist to commence!

Managerial Spare
The managerial 8-ball.  This limited magical item can learn 5 instructions and 3 responses to speak in the voice of the person teaching it.  For example, an instruction could be “make me breakfast”, whilst a response could be “good morning”.  This device has been used on numerous occasions by busy, multi-tasking employers as well as in certain domestic situations.

Rolling Word Play – 23

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Mining Brilliant Jubilant Clubs, Circuit Propelling Misconduct and Pronounced Resembling Sizzled Tank.

Mining Brilliant Jubilant Clubs
A type of stone is said to be the source of a great army’s powers.  If a weapon contains a core made of this stone, then it provides the user with immunity from fear when in combat.  A weapon made completely of the stone provides immunity from fear and Charisma checks with advantage.  It also adds +1 to attacks and the user can re-roll natural 1s.

Circuit Propelling Misconduct
Think Fagin from Oliver Twist but with an extra twist.  All Urchins within his youthful gang of thieves have magical ankle bracelets with a single bead attached that cannot be removed by normal means.  He has a corresponding bead for each urchin.  With these, he can propel his beads along a miniature circuit increasing the speed of the child attached to the corresponding bead.  The result is hastened thieves causing havoc.  How do the urchins feel about this?  What happens to the urchins when they reach adulthood?  Have any managed to escape the gang?

Pronounced Resembling Sizzled Tank
The MeAwzs, or “MeAwwzsss” is the roughest and most aggressive orc gang in the city.  There is a social desire by some to express their primal barbaric nature. The MeAwzs gang is based on expressing wild, primal rage (think half rogue, half barbican multiclass).  They are often involved in aggressive, petty acts of violence, but lately they’ve become more militant.  How will the MeAwzs feature in your city?  Who is behind their more organised activities?