Agora Core Episodes

The final section of this blog is the episodes themselves. I have been recording the audio for each episode as we have gone on, since the beginning. I have then provided some background and allowed the rolls of the dice to be displayed on YouTube.

If anyone wants to recommend a better approach or if anyone likes this style, please let me know. Also, if the length of each episode could be shortened or is about right.

I will provide links when I refer to a particular episode, but series 1 (following the characters during their Level 1 character statuses) is now available to view.

Agora Core – Series 1

DM Notes

The other ongoing section of this Roleplay blog will be Dungeon Master (DM) Notes. This is a fun, section and a behind-the-scenes or perhaps more aptly behind-the-Schemes look at what occurs during the campaign. More likely than not, the players have not taken a road that the DM had prepared in advance, and very likely the players have not behaved at all predictably. This provides both awkward and delightful moments where the storyline rails are removed and anything goes. DM Notes will taker a closer look at elements of the storyline that went untold or were unravelled!


As part of creating any roleplay, characters are an essential part of it, especially when you factor in the Player Characters (PC) who drive the story and are the reason for creating the roleplay scenarios – to be played out and to see what happens next. Along the way, the Player Characters will meet many intriguing, charming, dangerous, downright despicable, duplicitous or law-abiding non-player characters (NPCs) with whom they can interact. This section will aim to give you the lowdown on who these characters are, what their purpose was and how ‘fleshed out’ they really were.