Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Gretz
Location: The Tanin’s Camel Inn
Episodes: 1 (Series 1, episode 2)
Appearance:  Middle-aged, rough features although his modest clothes are clean and kept in good condition.  He has an oily voice and long dark tangled hair that is balding on top.

Personality: Private, helpful but without any innate charm.

Background: Gretz and his wife took over the Tanin’s Camel after the previous owner disappeared. Being the only other staff on the premises they continued to run the place and their ownership has never been challenged.   They did however board up the previous owner’s bedroom, which was discovered to contain a passage to a Well of Souls
underneath.  Unfortunately, this was not discovered in time to prevent two guests from developing strange behavioral changes and his wife from developing large cat whiskers on her face.

Strengths:  Shrewd and can keep things close to his chest.

Weaknesses:  Not a charismatic individual.

What Happened: Gretz tended to the party who were in the employ of Elstan.  He caught them in the barricaded master bedroom, having also damaged three paintings.  He couldn’t persuade them to leave and stop them exploring the entrance to the well but he was reimbursed for the three paintings.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Medium. He still runs the inn, so it depends on the party’s  movements.