Non-Player Character Profile


Location: The desert city of Karmal
Race: Human
Episodes: Series 4, Episodes 6-8
Appearance:  Jar is bespectacled and scholarly in appearance, but a little unprepared.  Hey has lots of possessions
and yet his clothes are in need of repair and he did not have a way of travelling from Karmal to the lake.

Jar was friendly and interested upon meeting the party and wasn’t afraid to talk about the mission that he and Ntay were on.  Sometimes his comments became wayward or vague, but it was unclear whether this was as a result of his meandering thoughts or perhaps that he was concealing some information.  The reason for the mission to find the Lake of Aston was put down to ‘archeological interest’.

Background:  No background is known except that Ntay is from the a place she calls ‘Freedom Island’.  They
are on a mission to discover a fabled Aston Lake underneath the Da that is said to have existed when this land was a vibrant Elven kingdom.

What Happened during the Roleplay:  Contains spoilers – if you haven’t watched/listened to Episode 8…
The party won enough credit to buy camels. They then asked Jar and Ntay to accompany them North as this was the
direction both of their lake and of a mysterious power the party were searching for.  Together they discovered a
magically hidden bandit camp and attempted to sneak in.  This resulted in a fight with bandits and a mysterious and magical race of camels.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  None.  Jar was killed in the fight at the hidden bandit camp.

Portraits used:
60 Terrible Character Portraits for Creative Commons Release by ‘A Terrible Idea’