Non-Player Character Profile

Name: Elstan the Merchant
Location: The docks of Nis-Ton
Episodes: 4 (Series 1, episode 1-4)
Appearance:  Serious-looking with thin facial features and smartly dressed.

Personality:  He looks down on those he feels are beneath him, and is calculating.

Strengths:  Business savvy and rich.

Weaknesses:  A mixture of blunt honesty and small-mindedness could upset some.

Background:  Elstan made his name in trading through hard work adding ports to his trading route.  DaNis is a recent addition and although small is worth a visit during gatherings such as the Mid-Nis festival, where although the inhabitants are relatively poor, he had managed to make a good profit on less fashionable items.

What Happened:  He asked his fellow merchant, Lanier, to recruit some labourers to move and protect their cargo on the journey to Mid-Nis.  He heard them murder Lanier and so he sent a message to the guards of Mid-Nis to ask for their arrest.  At their impending trial, they escaped their cells and murdered him.

Chance of recurring in future episodes:  Nil.  He’s not coming back after that fight.