Rolling Word Play – 20

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about Robed Prosecutors, Ribs Ringleader and Professes Started.

Robed Prosecutors
The robed prosecutors of Ashuln are both revered and feared for their devotion and lawful powers granted to them by the city-state whenever they wear their formal robes.  But recently, another figure dressed as a prosecutor has been targeting the other law-makers.  Who is this figure and what do they want?  How far are they prepared to go to deal out their brand of vigilante justice?

Ribs Ringleader
A Bone Doctor is not just a medical practitioner but someone who can wield the arcane to manipulate bones and bend them to their will.  This specialist skill starts with carrying out experiments with bones from a corpse. They can learn to alter their shape to sharpen them and use them as flexible weapons.  They can also mend the bone fragments.  Once this is achieved they can manipulate their own bones, fixing damage sustained and even temporarily dislocate in order to squeeze out of a tight situation. As they advance they can move the bones through air using only the power of their magical connection with them.  A highly skilled Bone Doctor can even manipulate other creatures’ bones, causing damage and controlling their movement.

Professes Started
An item that is in the form of incense. In its presence, those that are not aware find themselves professing truths and internal thoughts.  The effect comes in three stages, without the creature knowing that they are communicating personal information.

Stage 1 – Say out loud how they’re feeling – DC 12 Charisma save Stage 2 – Say what’s on their mind/what they’re thinking – DC 14 Charisma sav Stage 3 – Confess the deeds and guilty acts they have commited – DC 16 Charisma save