Football Town Manager

What stared off as a choose-your-own-adventure story about managing a football team (Football: A Town’s Tale) has now blossomed into a football management system, where the player can manage a team through an entire football season.

Football: A Town’s Tale is the origins story that started it all. The chance to challenge the town’s best side was too tempting, and began a new chapter in your character’s life.

Football Town League includes twelve opponents with unique team abilities, new event tables and a plenty of options each turn to improve your team. It will take a lot to make the play-offs and even more to win it outright. Can your team win promotion?

Football Town Cup gives your local team the chance to play in the FA Cup. Twelve rounds stand between you and the FA Cup trophy. Your decisions and rolls will determine how far they go.

All three of the series are now also available in one bundle:
Football Town Manager.