Fantasy Bundles

This month I’ve been busy compiling my various books on DMsGuild into bundles. This is a way of getting more value from the products, and for me it’s an opportunity to spread the love between some of my well known and some of my lesser-known titles.

The Magic Items Collection combines my my magical gear into one bundle. It includes 101 magic items (Treasures of the Desert), 370+ boxes (Boxes of the Magi) and 35 potions and floral amulets (Glitzz’s Guide to Potions and Floral Amulets).

The NPC Collection includes twelve characters I created that were unusual in some way and either have oceanic or fiendish origins. The other part of the collection if NPC Builder, a series of tables that allows the DM to choose or roll up a ready-to-play NPC.

Tales Untamed focusses on different environments as the inspiration for encounters. Crossing the Great Archipelago contains many different water and island scenarios. Camp Fire Tales includes twenty different encounters that occur once the party settle down to rest. Finally, War of the Wilds provides the tools to explore unexplored territory where different factions want to claim the land for themselves.

Tales Below is a set of three quests that take the party underground. Expect intrigue, mystery, and plenty of loot. The Crystal Spires Mine is undertaking a dangerous mission for the local baron. Token’s Rock sees the party pursue a dangerous character called Baden to a desolate group of islands. The Hidden Sanctuary is the opportunity to discover the temple’s dark secret.

Tales Beyond is a set of three quests that take the party the realms of the material plane. The Tower of the Silken Brotherhood is the chance to steal a magical staff from within a mysterious group’s stronghold. The Trials of Sir Surlamund takes the party within the mind of a senior paladin in order to try and save his life. Journey into Twilight is a trip to the Fey Realm in the hope of reversing a curse bestowed on the village of Hemelchuk.