Rolling Word Play – 8

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection.  Discover more about the Rescue Basis, Earth Dream and Slug View.

Rescue Basis
An emergency state where all the constructs (be it future sci-fi or golum-type creatures) will attempt to save all creatures from threats.  This can be helpful if characters are in real peril, but it’s also difficult for them to do anything new if the constructs believe this presents a risk.  The interesting part here is why was the Rescue Basis was triggered in the first place and how it can be stopped.

Earth Dream
In an ancient woodland, or where one once stood, the ancient trees and fungi created a complex organic highway of energy underneath the ground, becoming an unconscious super-structure. In this vast area, the soil itself imagines creatures or an altered landscape and this in turn creates changes in the land.

But why is the land dreaming so?  Is there in fact a parasite that is causing it to slumber and manipulating its superhighway?  To bring peace to this infected, toxic environment the adventurers will have travel into its heart and wake it up.

Slug View
The town of Chilwen wishes to send adventurers into the nearby woodland to investigate why a barron mound of earth the size of a hill has risen at its centre and decimated the trees.  Anyone investigating will discover a massive migration of slugs rising to the top of the hill and into a dank, smelly hole. Within are many organisms that thrive on decay such as worms and other insects.  These particular worms are blind and viscous and follow the slug trails to find what they can devour.  In the centre of this mess is the source of this disturbance.  A magical artefact discarded by their owners and left to rot in the ground. What is it and why was it abandoned?