Rolling Word Play – 56

Creating Roleplay ideas based on randomly generated words.  Here’s today’s selection:  Discover more about Offered Foreign Gobbles, Acclaim Scraper Earplugs, and Immigration Marinated Sesame.

Offered Foreign Gobbles
A farmer was sold a bag of little brown, toothy beasties by a hooded tradesman who called them ‘Mud Munchers’.  The farmer was complaining in the tavern about his field always being waterlogged and never producing any useful crops.  The hooded tradesman seemed to be listening in and sprang out of nowhere with an odd damp odour insulting their senses.  The farmer took the Mud Munchers as much to get rid of the creature and paid him off with 2 gold pieces (one provided by his drinking companion).  With little ceremony he released the little beasties into a puddle within the field that night and watched as the bemused creatures dived into the mud and disappeared from sight.  The farmer retired, feeling underwhelmed by the whole experience.

The next day, the farmer looked out to see no mud at all on the field, which was flat and dry.  Not only that, but plant shoots were started to pop up in neat rows throughout the land.  The farmer whooped with delight at this.    It was some time before he noticed the toadstools.  Small and bright red, they were appearing at regular intervals in the field and when he tried to pull them up he found he couldn’t.  The farmer didn’t give up however, and with a big spade and with help from a friend, started digging into the soil.  The toadstool roots went down for at least a full five feet below the ground.  Then, he hit… not soil or rock, but nothing.  A vast cavern was beneath the field with a multitude of tiny little creatures swarming around.  The farmer and his friend backed away, but not before they were spotted and swarmed over.  They were carried away and never seen again.  As for the field, it remains untouched.

If the players find themselves in this village, will they be called in to deal with a ‘pest problem’ or will the inhabitants be concealed, hooded tradesfolk trying to sell them their wares?

Acclaim Scraper Earplugs
The Whistler Well is a much-feared, much talked about phenomenon in the centre of town.  It was created before anyone can remember, but myths have grown up around it, so now no-one knows what is true.  It is a deep well with a brownish water at the bottom, but the well itself appears to cry out on windy evenings as if mourning for something or terrified.  During one very windy winter, the rattled inhabitants of the town decided enough was enough.  It was too big to fill in and the water channel could be useful in dry months, so they created a thick stone barrier around it.  It is said to be the only known well to have 2 separate locked doors.  Occasionally though, on windy nights, those passing by can still hear distant, muffled screams coming from within.

What is causing the screaming within the well?  Is there a way to silence the well for good, and are the many myths about the well true?

Immigration Marinated Sesame
A new sub-group is growing in the city.  A type of sesame seed has been imported from distant lands thought to have been originally brought by group that migrated to the city, it was said that although quiet they were a canny and close-knit community.  They were always able to sniff out trouble and avoid escalating conflict and were brilliant at keeping items in stock.  What they possessed was the Sesame Network.  The seeds contain just enough transient fibre from the original plants to maintain a connection with each other. When they are being chewed, any others who are also interacting with these seeds can hear one word commands spoken by the chewer.  It was in this way that the original migrants could work so quickly.  This communication secret is diluting and now other groups use it, including criminals and would-be revolutionaries.  Sub-variants are being produced to try and avoid getting ‘wires crossed’ with other group messages.