DM Note #4

Reordering and Recycling

This refers to Episode 4, Confined: Part 1 of Agora Core:

In DM Note #2 I mentioned that the players actions and decisions took the plot in an unpredictable direction and set things in motion that meant it would be impossible for them to visit the town of Mid-Nis unless they were disguised or seeing it through the bars of their prison cells.  This meant that for me as a Dungeon Master (DM) many plot elements would go unused and also more work was needed to prepare for the next episode.

Fortunately for me, we were missing a few players in Week 3, so I made more of the remaining journey to Mid-Nis and that provided more time for creating and setting up scenes and characters online in Roll20.

The prison cell was a brand new section which would make use of the town guards (already created). The part which was recycled or re-appropriated was the Non-Player Character (NPC) known as Belstogley. Belstogley is a barbarian and is the current fighting champion of the Mid-Nis Festival of the Clans and was meant to be in the ring defending his title against brave Player Characters (PCs) should they dare to fight.  However, with that plot highly unlikely, another chapter in Belstogley ‘s life was being written in.  It turns out that this hardy fighter also liked his drink and occasionally got himself into trouble.

The interaction between the players and Belstogley made me very glad that I did this.  Sure, it wasn’t what was originally intended, but it is the players who dictate where the plot goes and not the DM.  Of course, just because he is working with them, doesn’t necessarily mean that the NPC is a suitable party member.  Fortunately, Belstogley did manage to provide the party with some useful information about the guardhouse.

Belstogley will make another appearance in Part 2 of Episode 4.